Someone to write reports

Would anyone know an individual who would be able to perform compilation of the Home Inspection reports for us. Would prefer someone from Florida.

Hi Andy,

Is there any reason you’re not writing your own inspection reports?

I cant think of a good reason the inspector isn’t writing the report. I’d think the report will be most accurate if written by the actual inspector, now a proof reader may be a good idea. (seen some of my spelling issues?, LOL imagine prior to spellcheck)


We have done a few things together in the past. send me or post what you are offering in pay and what you want done. If I feel it would be a profitable deal I may be interested for a while till I get all healed up. What kind of volume are you talking about? I assume you would be listed as the inspector and I would just be entering the info. Is that the case.

I would perfer the answers here because it is hard for me to get to the office computer.

I still do not get it.
Dominic brings up a perfect question. I am perplexed to say the least.

The scenario for another HI to be writing an “untested inspectors” report is litigation just written to say hello in my humble opinion.
If one is peering the individual then great but for a paid report this is ludacris. IMO mind you.

Now if said inspector can’t write the report because he or she is deficient in …er…everything like inspecting, then how will an established inspector like Russell be able to guaranty!! the reporting observations was accurate.

We fast forward to the client several months down the road finding a defect that YES COSTS $$ to repair and wishes to take ANDY’S TRUSTED INSURER TO THE TEST.

The intellect report’s narratives will show a worthy home inspector, ** but** the observations do not match the report. Like drooping a 1200 cc engine in a Hummer. Dam thing looks good but it does not climb hills? Something amiss?
I also see ethical and conflits of interest up the wazoo.

It’s quite possible he is just so busy that he needs someone in the office writing reports once the info is uploaded from a mobile device.


Domenic - maybe I should have been clearer - if I am using a voice dictation system to describe what I am seeing on a inspection and making note of all the defects I encounter + every good point I find + taking all the pictures - all someone has to do is listen to the recording and write the report. This allowing me time to do more inspections - I am still writing reports currently.

He is jeopardizing his client.
Observation and reporting: I see the most impotent part being omitted.
Personal observation.

The RHI treasure hunt is built upon that very principle. We are not the NHICC. Better by the way;)
PS: I still say Vern Mitchinsons and the esteemed Alberta INACHI members have gone beyond that:-) CCHI They carrying no conflicts of interest and at a cost to the HI that is fare.

You tell me how a HI that did not observe the home “first hand” can intervene by writing a report for a self confessed HI that is deficient in report writing?
Questions to consider. #1 Does the client know? #2 Was the client made aware ahead of time if the original inspector has trouble, by what ever means, the report will be written by a INACHI college that did not observe the home?
#3 Does INACHI allows this practice.

This is wrong on so many levels IMO
An exchange of compensation is the nail in the coffin for me.

“what you are offering in pay.”
Maintain Ethics and avoid conflicts of interest.
Client care and a report the client agreed to.

All being said without prejustice Meeker.
Yes there are complications and extenuating circumstances that can arise. Joe Farrsetta and INACHI ESOP committee are made for questions like this. Keeping INACHI safe.IMO.

That being said, Beware. Although you may have worthy intentions, I would review everything at stake before going forward.

Russell. Please excuse me. I edited it Quickly.

Robert - you are missing the point completely. If you use a voice activation hand held recorder as you are doing an inspection you are talking and describing everything you have seen with your eye in detail - you are not missing a thing -

It would be impossible since you are describing what you have seen - and if there needs to be clarification - the writer can always get back to the inspector for answers.

Doctors do the same thing…every day on rounds in a hospital. So do attorneys as they dictate notes for their secretarys to write after a meeting with a client.

The voice activation device saves you time because you are noting each & every room and every defect + every good point. The home owner is not being jeopordized in any way or short changed.

In the same way a court reporter is writing a transcript - or a CEO using a device to record a meeting and asking his assistant to transcribe everything.

No panicing. Sit back and be profesional. lets get this done.
Email me your phone number.
Finish what you started.
It is hard at the start for all HI’s. Expect 10 hours to write the report. Its normal.
Need help email me. No tape. Email me your completed verson and I will peer it and make recommendations.

#1 No not at all. A home inspector struck on a job unknowing how to complete the service he marketed.
Am I close? look buddy. be profesional. One foot infront of the other.

#2 You have to be able to see it first. Lets go deeper. You can explain this to everyone following you as you talk into your phone? you are trying to look like an inspector. I do not use recorder devices on simple jobs.

#3 Says you! Yet you can not express a narrative afetr all that effert.

#4 A writer is backing up your observations. He/she is allowing the client to be vunerable. You have just added him along with yourself and the client into a messy issue.

Let’s not forget about the ASSOCIATION.

Do some historical research on the BC case. Toth was the inspector.
C.A.H.P.I. lost credabilty big time.

Look inspections take time at the start. Expext 10 hours to complete your report.

Disect the report and be simplistic.
CONDITION: Lot slopes to the left
SUSPECT: Roof Had descoloration.
LIMITATIONS: I could not inspect the attic. The hatch was to small…
NOTE: I have a trick for that somewere on the MB.

Need help reach out. lots here to help nut not do a report for you.

Call your client. Express the truth and tell them the report will be concluded in 72 hours. Several components need a colleges referals:wink:
You are commited to doing the best report. Keep them up to date if they ask.
Email me every section you complete. I will recommend phrases only.
All the best.
You will be fine.
Get off the MB and start writing your report.
I will be here all day for you.
I have a magic jack and can call you free of charge. I will help if you reach out. Best I can offer you.
I want nothing but you trying your hardest…

So you simply type slowly and are looking for someone to transcribe your oral report? That sounds different than write reports. I still wouldn’t do it, but I get that a bit.

Andy Mazo, Let me express I maybe mistaken.
I only want you to take charge of your services, be profesional and understand your limitations.
Humility sets great example Andy. Title is nothing without substance.
All the best.

I will be home all day.
I love to help. I do not know everything, I try to learn daily and will reply with honest answers, tring to remember “reflection is a great compass.”

Sounds like another good reason to enter information on site. Nearly as fast as you can talk into your voice recorder, I can enter the information into my reporting software.

Having someone else “write” reports does not necessarily save you any time. You will have to proof the reports after they have been written, and any changes needed to the report will slow down the delivery process.

Personally, I would be looking for ways to keep the money “in house.” There’s a bit of a learning curve to onsite direct-data collection (entering info directly into the report software), so your process may be slowed in the beginning. Once you have learned the process, you will see that there is nothing more efficient than this method.

I have been doing onsite direct-data collection since 2006. When I leave the property, there’s nothing left to be “written” in order to complete the report.

Jeff, I also write on site. Occasionally I will not publish until later on in case I want to check into something or look it up. Most time off site is 30 min. I typically proof read my reports prior to publishing as well.

edit: I will admit there’s a learning curve to data entry on site and it will seem slow at first, but i would never go back to any other way.

Mike and Jeff.
The phrase “learning curve” is most impotent.
How long did it take the two of you before you were grounded enough to observe, then committed to onsite reporting.
The fundamental principles have to be in place before any of this can take place.
I see many years of effort & education having followed posts and threads by both of you. I commend you peering fellow members.

NOTE: I see technical software advancements being sought after by many new inspectors. Ethics, conflicts of interest and reporting are intertwined.
A report must be bullet proof for their clients and themselves.

Thanks guys as always I thoroughly enjoy your short complete posts.

I’ll certainly admit, I was hesitant to give up notes and clip board. I’m old fashioned in many ways and thought there’s no way to get all this info etc… on site and give a quality report. I inspected for 3-4 years (working as both a contractor and home inspector, not in the same buildings though) prior to going to on site report writing. The first few were really tough and still required lots of proof reading and editing, but the more you do, the quicker you become at it. Been doing on site reporting for about 2 years.

Then I did some trial runs and played with ideas for a bit, then when I decided that was the way for me, I jumped in both feet. One day I had one report, the next totally different. My inspection process is pretty much the same, only different documentation. I’m not advocating one software over another because I have seen a few that are all good and would produce nice reports. The quality of the report is mostly based on the writer, not the software.

Before one attempts to streamline, one must have a sound understanding and process to streamline. To jump in and learn to inspect, learn to identify defects and learn software may be daunting for some inspectors. Also when the software is a new thing, you not only need to inspect, but look for where in the program the documentation goes, or how to find it, or where your pre written narratives are, etc… I recommend, inspecting some places free (even your own home, or family members and friends) any time you are looking into a software change, or process improvement that is a significant deviation from your current way. That gives you an opportunity to work out any bugs etc…

Edit: Thanks for the compliment Robert!

Contrary to Mike, I was EAGER to get away from the “note taking” process. I used to spend 2 to 3 hours compiling each report at home after the inspection. Many, many nights I was up until 1 or 2 am completing reports, just to start over the next day.

It wasn’t an overnight process to fully implement the change. I simply reduced the note-taking on each inspection, until the point where I needed no notes at all. The total transition probably took 15 to 20 inspections - less than a month.

Having the proper software and the proper hardware (laptop, tablet, notepad, etc.) is essential to the process.

Just based on what I have read on page one I see nothing wrong with what he is asking.

I would probably suggest a court reporter" I forgot their technical title"

They are used in a great many different work enviorments.

Now on to page 2 :slight_smile:

oh well I thought there would be more here:)

The folks that use the machines are called stenographer’s.

My sister is one and made a pretty good living at it. I think she still transcribes others notes when she has the time for some extra cabbage. 3 kids does not leave her with much free time.

I see you have time served.
Your comparison of a court stenographer is perfect for me to use against you.
All parties are present as the court case being held. They are witness to the “words” and emotional outbursts. everything. They are not looking for defects or acting as layers trying to determine guilt or innocents.
The are relaying words spoken that are heard FIRST HAND!
The layers and judge also play a part.

We are not doctors nor lawyers., Gees Louis man. Easy about Title. That Home Inspector “Title” is without “substance” if they can not create a report.

You must peer the inspector, Review his or her methods before you can even trust them to report for you.
Then, A client must be informed of the method you preform.
The writer takes full responsibility of omissions in the report or they must enter it into the report the part they played. two signatures on the report each obliging what part they played in the report.

The PIA must contain everything about your SOP. Not just INACHI’S SOP. The standards of inspection practice including whom is writing the report.

You tell me it is OK for one inspector to observer the home then hand it off to another inspector to write the report is ludacris.
It is a waste of time.

That is my opinion.