Sorry, you lost all your discounts. No, I didn't confuse confuse your staples for 8d

Sorry, you lost all your discounts. No, I didn’t confuse confuse your staples for 8d like the last guy did. Please see the photo I provided you…

Got the call back today from the poor customer who spent 8,000 on new window and shutters so she can recieve a discount.

Apperantly her last wind mit detailed the following things that I didn’t see:
-8d nails where I see staples.
-'95 roof that is '01 compliant???
-Clips that only wrap over the truss in ones dreams.

Poor girl spent 8 grand to raise her insurance 2 grand in lost discounts.

**Best part. SHE’s not mad at me. **

**She is contacting her lawyer and going after the previous inspection company. **

Its hard to point the finger at the inspector that does his job properly. On the other hand, It sucks that you have to be the one bearing the bad news.

Poor lady.

That is exactly why one should not do these if they do not know what they are doing. Sounds as if this guy did not even look.

i see those everyday. at least she still has clips, and the shutter discount should make up the loss a little. i hope it was an old inspection, i havent seen any new ones that far off, although … at the training session i was at, the few guys i spoke with were inexperienced

it really sucks! most of the time, you get abused- welcome to my world

The 1st guy was probably not a licensed contractor.

:smiley: And I wasn’t the one who said it.

This is why we have always provided pictures and have a QA system in place.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the shutter discount because of the glass in the front door.

The first inspection was done in '08.

The guy was so far off. Either he had no idea what he was doing, or he never looked in the attic.

Same here. It’s time consuming, but absolutely required.

Sounds like more than just a simple mistake for sure.

Can I ask what you mean by a “QA System in place” ? Are you talking the weblinks on your website ?

Quality Assurance system, all inspections are reviewed by another person before they are sent out. Even mine:D.

Is that someone in your office or another inspector ?

Yes, I check all inspections and my office checks mine.

I have one full time inspector and two part time, one full time and one part time for the office staff.

Why do you ask?

By the description and quantity of the erroneous reporting - sounds like the guy never went into the attic - Contractor - Inspector - or not.

Makes you wonder how many low priced fly-bys save photos to be re-used on these. And simply “ Guess” about the structural properties based on year of construction.
You have GOT to be SO careful.
We inspected a 2006 (was a home Inspection – but still) one entire length of the home – 40 foot wall – not one strap in place. Apparently once the builder (or contractor – sorry) realized the fubar – he had someone CUT THEM OFF!
And NOBODY caught it.

Wow, that’s insane Zoe!

Your client got discounts she didn’t deserve and now doesn’t. She should be happy she got the discounts…;-):roll:

Her complaint is this and I believe it’s valid.

Yes, she saved money for credits she did not deserve. Let us say 2 grand a year for 2 years. She saved $4,000.00.

She then spent $8,000.00 on Shutters to save another 400.00 a year.

New inspection. Looses ALL previous credits. Saved 4 grand, spent 8 grand. Net a 4 grand loss with no long term savings.

If she had her 4 grand back, she could of spent that on straps, and cheaper shutters.

Depending on the size, gauge and spacing of the staples, they could have an equal to or better uplift resistance than 8d nails. See link for staple to nail conversion chart.

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