Spectacular Home Inspection Software

(Aaron Johnson) #21

Spectacular does as well…


(Larry Kage, CMI) #22

I could be wrong Bud, but I don’t think this is what you are trying to get across:

(Aaron Johnson) #23

Nah man… He meant gest…


(Jimmy D. Owens) #24

Hi Bud
Just starting in the business and have looked at several software programs the use the iPad Even tried their demos. I know I don’t know much but the Spectacular was the easiest to use and made the most sense Thanks for your help

(Aaron Johnson) #25

That’s outstanding Jimmy! Thanks for choosing Spectacular… You made my day. Also, thanks for resurrecting this post. Bud is good people for starting it. Jimmy, send me an email at info@aacesystems.com and I’ll send you a free month… Best wishes in your new business…

(Dominic J. Maricic) #26

Correct, and the other half were fixed in the next update. Even more features have been added in the update coming out this weekend. He was using the first video version we had. Of course there’s always going to be constant improvements. It is ironic that the video is still up there after I stopped several past HG guys from posting a retort video. Oh well.

(Randy Dimit, #60269) #27

What you are about to read is strictly my opinion based on my personal experience. So before you go ripping me a new one because you don’t agree, know that I don’t care.

I use Spectacular. Have since day one. I’ve looked at HIP and I’ve looked at HG. I tried both just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on something better. Turns out I am not. I see user groups and forums for both HIP & HG and I understand why. They require some time and work to understand how they function so you can use it and customize it.

You don’t see any user groups or forums for Spectacular. Why? Because it’s that straight forward, easy to use and customize.

HIP & HG are both tied to PC’s and the Cloud. Spectacular is not.

Now one thing Spectacular is not, is Check Box reporting like the others offer. Spectacular is strictly narrative and I know that can be more difficult for some than others.

The other thing I can do with Spectacular that I could not do with the others is finish my report onsite and print it out if I wanted, WITHOUT the use of a PC or the Cloud.

HIP & HG are nice platforms but just not for me. I’ll never call them crap just because I prefer Spectacular.

One thing I did forget to add regarding Spectacular… I can make changes to my report format if needed on the fly… As an example, I had a house with 2 bathrooms, a Master Bath and Hall Bath. There were more issues with one than the other. So instead of declaring which bathroom the deficiencies were in on every comment, I quickly changed my “Bathroom(s)” Section to reflect a room by room approach and had a heading under “Bathroom(s)” for Master Bath and Hall Bath with all the same comments to choose from. Took less than 5 minutes. Then continued my inspection. I didn’t have to send it to the cloud and then to a PC or anything like that. My “printable” report was still complete at the end of my inspection with the format changes.

(Aaron Johnson) #28

Randy… Thanks for the honest review… The Texas mode is actually a checklist style we support because it has to be. If you want to check it out, download the Texas Library from the Dropbox tools. Truthfully though, Texas only uses that TREC checklist format because they have to. I’m sure many Texans wish they could be more flexible in their reporting.

Also, with adding bathrooms, did you use the Add Bathroom button? That’s another way to create extra rooms on the fly: http://www.spectacularhis.com/SpectacularForiPad.htm#_Toc421747395

(Russell Buchanan) #29

I am glad Randy found software he liked. HomeGauge is not tied to the cloud at all. You can use a handheld device or a tablet pc and make changes on the fly. Also in HomeGauge you can duplicate sections in seconds… to start with one bathroom if desired and duplicate if desired. This can be done on the small devices or tablets. In HomeGauge you can go 100 percent narrative or checklist.

(Aaron Johnson) #30


Randy was very clear in his explanation of HG & HIP being tied to the cloud. You have a ‘mobile companion app’ which means you must transfer data via the cloud to the desktop version to generate a report and deliver it. Spectacular is a fully functional mobile app that allows you to generate and send the report from the mobile device without the need to forward the inspection to the desktop.

When our Windows version is released this month, we’ll be the only home inspection program that allows you to generate and send a report from a mobile device or a desktop computer. Sending the inspection to/from desktop/mobile is optional, not required like HomeGauge…

(David B. Myers, LHI 10779) #31

That’s not correct! The transfer can be completed via USB cable instead of the cloud.

(Aaron Johnson) #32

What about iPad and iPhone? Besides, that doesn’t correct anything. There’s still the dependency of the desktop version to get the inspection off the mobile device… Many of our inspectors trust their own experience and narratives and want to deliver onsite and don’t want to have to deal with that hassle…

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #33

Would love to see percentage of court suits with no proof read .

I am experimenting with a video heavy report and on my second client live trial ] noted I said Suspect asbestos material but the video has the slightest audio delay and said "Asbestos Material " so if I simply did the video report and never went back later would have missed that issue in my report before hitting send.

My new video format is only possible because of an Android device that i phone stuff can not duplicate.
Spectacular is extremely limited to Apple products and nitch style reporting.

Spectacular has no Android support period.

Saying it is coming is not same as doing .

Ask Russ as clients have been begging him to fix Apple version for years and it is “coming soon” so that means nothing till actually working.

Dom takes time to develop a solid product that works on all platforms .

(Aaron Johnson) #34

Oh Bobby,

In the 3 years Spectacular has been out, 0 inspectors have gotten sued. Yes, our inspectors of course proofread their reports before they deliver onsite. HIP & HG users don’t have the option to proofread the final report from the mobile device.

Spectacular is growing… We’ll be on Windows very soon and Android later, and it will work well on all.

I know you love Dominic and how hard he works, but know that there are other hardworking and smart inspection software developers in this industry as well. I’m sure he wasn’t on 3 major devices 3 years in at that time neither. We’ll be there before you know it…

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #35

Being older and a people person know that when a poster reverts to using y on the end of your name in response he is nervous and reverting to school yard insult as a defensive mechanism .


(Aaron Johnson) #36

Sorry Bob… I meant no disrespect. It won’t happen again.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #37

NP Aaron.

(Dominic J. Maricic) #38

The use of the full Windows and Mac devices to generate the report gives our software programs a ton more flexibility than is possible on a mobile device. No matter which way you slice it, there are limitations to mobile devices. Those do lessen as time goes on though. We run against them all the time. Programming on mobile devices can be EXTREMELY frustrating because of this. It’s something all of us programmers have to deal with.

Randy, as Russell mentioned, our software programs can duplicate sections on the fly as well. I’m sure most of the other mobile programs can too. You can also review the summary report in HIP as well.

(Harry McBride, HI#303) #39

I generate Spectacular report onsite and review instantly. As soon as I enter last narrative or check off I can generate report. No waiting. I use and do entire inspection on my IPhone 6 plus. Photos are great and I can add voice narratives instantly. Dropbox can be a little slow some times but that is minimal issue. Love this program.

(Gregg Loboda) #40

I am new to the game and have been doing trials with many products. I was previously a Technology executive for 28 years so I am well versed in evaluating commercial software products. Nobody is disputing that HomeGuage and other are not good products, The simple statement is that if you match price point with functionality and outcome, Spectacular is falling near the top of the list.

Gregg Loboda