Spectora Software (Is there any better software?)

Hi Peter - Terreport asks for permission to your google drive so that we can automatically save your final published report and any client documents and invoices to your cloud drive. For Contacts - any contacts that are added to Terreport - for example a new client - will automatically be synced to your google contacts so that you always have a copy. For both “Drive” and “Contacts”, we will create a “Terreport” folder and any Terreport related records are clearly marked. We do not read or see any of your existing data in your google account. We push data into your google account. Let me know if I can answer any other questions you may have.

Thanks Jeff and all others. I believe I’ll be looking into the Terreport Software. Thanks for all your responses. We can end the forum subject now.

I will for sure but I’m loaded up with wife duties currently. I’ll do it as soon as time permits. Thanks!

Having trouble logging in with Google acct. HELP please!

Hi Edward - can you email marketing@terreport.com with any additional details? Alternatively - I also do support on FB msg if that’s easier.

The inspection report will not accept my photos. Is there a size limit on pictures that I can add?

Hi Edward - there is no size limit as we automatically optimize of any photos. Please note that you can not add photos if you are working in the “template” section.

Go to “Start an Inspection” first > fill out the fields > click the orange Action button > select “Start Report Builder”

I was not working in the template section. I had started an actual report. Still won’t upload the pics.

Hi Edward - Glad we were able to connect and resolve the upload issue as well as answer your questions about customizing colours on the report. all the best to you on completing your course!

Thank you. I got my certification yesterday. I need to start website next. :slight_smile:


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congratulations! To turn on your free Terreport website - just go to the left hand menu (if on laptop) and click enable. Here is the tutorial on how to customize it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=404z1Nkaufw

So now I can’t start working on the website. When I try to activate it, it gives me a message: OOPS! You need to correct an error. HELP!!!

I’ve already watched that video twice. When I try to activate, this is the message I get…

HI Kelly - are all the required fields in your “settings” filled out? and is the “Title for your website” filled out?

Okay, I’ll check in the morning. I’m heading to bed. Sleep well and sorry to keep you hustling on this! We’ll get there! :slight_smile:


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Spectora Software (Is there any better software?)

Yep. Basic rule of the internet, if it’s free, that’s because you are the product. If you aren’t paying for it, someone else is.

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I still can not get the website to activate… I will require assistance! HELP!

Adeleine, So, it appears that the website template is not populating to give me an opportunity to fill in the information for my website…see screenshot below

It should look like this below prior to me hitting activate…correct? Let me know, Edward Kelly Emerson

Hi Edward - you just need to click activate first. Then it will show you all the fields.