Spray foam on roof

Can anyone tell by looking whether this spray foam is okay to be used on a roof? Something tells me “no”.

Also, gutters installed over drip edge is a defect, correct?

I personally think the gutter should be installed below the drip edge or tucked slightly under. And who knows what the foam is for? Filling a small gap? Eh, no biggie but we can’t see much.


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Yes, gutters should never be over the drip edge. And for me personally, I report on all exterior spray foam that is not protected from damage and/or UV rays.


Deteriorates pretty quick for sure.


The attic is most likely spray foamed. The spray foam most likely came out through the seams in the sheathing when spray foaming the attic. Excessive gaps in the sheathing


Yea, that’s it. thank you everyone. the attic was spray foamed.

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It’s not UV protected spray foam.
But the important part is shaded, and thus likely not a big deal.

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What is the purpose for the exposed spray foam: Did you check to see if there were shingle tins (step flashing) between that metal fascia and the shingles? Maybe someone added spray foam in lieu of shingle tins. Maybe the attic or wall is foam insulated and there was a foam leak from the wall cavity or attic. More on site examination is needed.

Edit: We use the term “shingle tins” around here, but the correct term is step flashing… Yes, counter flashing is desirable per the comment below, but none of the carpenters use that around here - a loosing battle for me to try and change - especially if the drainage plain is still functioning properly.

It really should be step flashed there instead and then counter flashed at the fascia. This pic does not show the counter flashing.
Roofing 5_thumb1

Gutter should always be under the drip edge at the high points of the gutter run. May not be under it at the low points as the gutter slopes downward.

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Spray foam could have been used for a bat seal out from an exterminating company. Bats like to find passageway where roofs connect. See alot of this in NY.

Here you go. I shot this pic today, The attic was spray foamed, and the foam expanded out under the drip edge.
IMG_0785 (3)