State Farm requires Wind Mit on 2012 home

Just CO’d a brand new home. My homeowner applied to State Farm. SF said they have to have a WM to get credits. Non HWVZ area.

John? Eric? Preston? Please advise. Thanks.

I have had several requests like that, not as new as 2012. I told the client to speak with someone a little “higher up the food chain” and none of them had to get a wind mit. These homes were built in 05, 06, and 07 and in palm beach.

$20 says the homeowner asked his insurance agent if he needed one, and his agent said “Yes, sure, wouldn’t hurt”!

It really depends on the home, they may need it to verify the hip roof credit, SWR or the shutter credit. The insurance company is within it’s right to request it. We do them on new homes often.

Or his Realtor. I had a Realtor ask if I was going to do a wind mit, four-point and roof cert on a TH inspected yesterday that was built in 2004. I told him, I’ll take all the pictures and whatever he needs, I’ll have.

I have had them requested by the agents on as new as 2005 I believe. But, as John has stated, it depends on the Insurance Company. For this reason, I have done as Eric has stated, I take the pictures gather the information. It beats making another trip. Time is money!


Also the home may have clips, single or even double wraps

no clips or single wraps per current code. must have double straps and swr

I thought SWR is in Existing Building only not in New building code.

required by county

According to the FBC truss connections can still be single wraps, it depends on the uplift. And, SWR’s are not required as per FBC, however many counties and municipalities in or near HVHZ’s have started requiring them.

SWRs are required by the building code…just not the definition as per the OiR! :wink:


Rember there is a big difference between what qualifies as a secondary water barrier between the FBC and the strict definition on form 1802. Form 1802 requires that the self adhering membrane be attached directly to the deck while there are provisions in the FBC which allow for attachment over a base sheet

That is not correct . No Authority can change or amend the FBC without prior approval of the state legislature

As far as I know they can not lessen the requirement but can increase. Not sure where I heard that…

FBC requires SWR.

FBC SWR is not the same as Wind Mit SWR.

All Insurance Companies can process wind mit credits in their own way. Some companies give credits to post FBC homes while others do not.

For the crazy low price of a wind mit, just get one. If you don’t save at least you tried.

altering the FBC to suit local preferences is very routine in FL. FBC represents the minimum standard but “local authority having jurisdiction” is almost a rubber stamp approval. my county does pretty much what they want and as a builder, you do it or you don’t get a permit

FBC is the minimum code requirements, there is nothing stopping counties from increasing requirements. Miami/Dade is a perfect example of this.

That is true. But where does it say insurance companies allowed to do it?

Secondary Water Barrier: FBC, Existing Building section 611.7.2
Note: All re-roofing permits for single-family residential structures applied for on or after
October I, 2009 require a secondary water barrier as defined in section 611.7.2
Choose one of the following secondary water barrier methods.
Note: all installations shall be in strict accordance with specific product approval
__ All joints in structural panel roof sheathing or decking shall be covered with minimum
4 in. wide strip of self-adhering polymer modified bitumen tape applied directly to the
sheathing or decking. The deck and self-adhering polymer modified bitumen tape shall be
covered with one of the underlayment systems approved for the particular roof covering to
the applied to the roof.
__ The entire roof deck shall be covered with an approved self-adhering polymer
modified bitumen sheet. No additional underlayment shall be required on top of this sheet
for new installations.
__ The entire roof deck shall be covered with an approved asphalt impregnated 30# felt
shall be installed with nails and tin-tabs as required for the HVHZ (No additional
underlayment shall be required over the top of this sheet).
__ Outside ofthe HVHZ, an underlayment complying with section 1507.2.3 of the
Florida Building Code, Building fastened as described below or a layer of asphalt
impregnated approved 30# felt shall be installed. The felt Is to be fasted with I" round
plastic cap nails or metal cap nails, attached to a nailable deck in a grid pattern of 12 inches
(305 mm) staggered between the overlaps, with 6-inch (152 mm) spacing at the overlaps.
For slopes of2: 12 to 4: 12 an additional layer offelt shall be installed in a shingle-fashion
lapped 19" and fastened as described above. (No additional underlayment shall be required
over the top of this sheet)

You are correct Eric. And, what bothers me the most is when you arrive at the home and you have a signed Affidavit by the roofing contractor, that is not accepted! They still want to see pictures! It’s crazy.