Stop whining about the Canadian mess

I will never understand why there seems to be no end to the whining about the state of the Canadian Home Inspection Industry and its useless Canadian organizations. It certainly is discouraging that Canadian home inspectors have to use the competing** American InterNACHI Message Board** - to vent their frustration about their internal affairs.

It is long overdue to face the fact that Canadian home inspectors have simply failed to organize themselves successfully to protect their own interest. The stereotyped suggestion by some diehard optimists in this business *“to step up to the plate” *to clean up the hopeless mess - is simply illusionary.

The time has come to realize that governmental regulation has unfortunately become the one and only solution to improve the image of the Canadian home inspection industry.

The fact that an ***“American Designation” ***has been accepted by the Alberta Government as proof of competence - is in my view another kick in the face of the no good for nothing CAHPI and its biassed cohorts.

**RUDOLF REUSSE **- Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired

What is this “american message board” you are referring to? InterNACHI is an international trade association with operations in 60 countries and which has it’s largest membership per capita in Canada and I never heard of this message board. Can you direct me to it?

Also, what is this “american designation” thing? The government of Alberta uses CMI. There are more CMIs in Alberta per capita than any other province or state. Furthermore, CMI was awarded a Canadian Trademark.
Unless you mean “american” geographically to include all of North America. Is that what you mean?

Anyway, there are some little goofy regional clicks like FABI and CAHPI that have no member benefits, but there is only one, true inspection industry association for ALL inspectors, and it is worldwide.

Like most professions, the bulk of the best inspectors belong to one family… InterNACHI.

Sorry Rudolf I see you to can not find a Canadian Forum to visit and voice your opinion .
NACHI we all must agree does more for the Canadian Home Inspector then all Canadian associations has done .
Fair play has never happened in Canada .
NACHI is not perfect but it is so far ahead of what we have in Canada.
You where on an OAHI committee and saw how Pee Poor the Directors of OAHI have been for Many years .
The membership gets little information even now when they are looking to hire a new person ,most of the membership has zero ideas of what is going on .
You as a visitor at NACHI are allowed to say more then you could ever say at OAHI when you were an OAHI member .
NACHI has grown in Canada larger in less then ten years to be bigger then all Canadian associations Combined . Many are like you come to NACHI to see what is going on .
WE have Bill M and Harry J come here to cry and whimper as they can not get to most Canadian any other place.
I must thank both and many of their friends for making NACHI number one in Canada

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The only cause of bad image, for the Canadian HI, is a certain tv show, there was only 7 complaints in Alberta last year, (HI) complaints, which is very low for any industry, the whole license issue was pushed out of self interest, to eliminate competition, remember, there are higher complaints in many unlicensed occupations right now, this was instigated.

You can say that again!

Mr. Gromicko:

My posting was certainly not meant to upset anybody. I only wanted to express my view that the Canadian Home Inspection Industry is beyond help - and that* “stepping up to the plate” *will not result in any improvements.My *“American” *reference was used to demonstrate that there is no active *“Canadian” message board" *and that the Canadian RHI designation is not the only reference of competence any longer. It has always been my understanding that the Master Inspector Certification Board Inc. is only located in the USA and not in Canada.

I will restrain myself from further postings which can be misinterpreted.

Rudolf Reusse - Toronto

WOW a Mean Canuk and from the big smoke too.

Rudolf we have (32) Certified Master Inspectors in Ontario . .

I and others do not think the Canadian Home Inspection Industry is beyond help.
Many are working behind the scene to try and improve the future and help our Canadian Industry .
The future looks very promising for Canada .
In fact I phoned you and asked if you would be interested in helping to make sure there was a good
representation of Canadians to help our industry.
Unfortunately you and a few others declined .
A few OAHI members can see how great the CMI is and are members .
This Forum is visted regularly by OAHI members so they can find out Information of our industry.
Rudolf please do continue to add you thoughts and Ideas .

Here is the problem that Canadian-only associations suffer from: Groups like CAHPI are, in actuality, as arrogant as InterNACHI pretends to be. InterNACHI just puts on a big front… but its all an act. What really goes on in our meetings is the complete reverse. We each stand up and explain what’s wrong with InterNACHI, what holes exist that could be plugged, and how bad we suck. I have come to believe that InterNACHI’s worldwide success comes from our own inferiority complex (not arrogance)… and I’m thrilled that, behind the scenes at least, staffers constantly focus on what needs to be improved.

Let’s be honest here, there is no association (in any profession, not just inspections), that compares to InterNACHI. We’re arguably the best professional trade group on earth. However, in somewhat of a dream (or maybe nightmare) state, we still fearfully watch our rear view mirror and scratch and claw as if we had fierce competition barreling down on us (kind of like a horror movie). This is what accounts for InterNACHI’s success… so don’t wake us up.

I just counted 35 CMI’s in Alberta.

PS I can not resist bragging I was the first CMI in Alberta and the 6th in Canada.