Streamlight lifetime warranty

Just thought I would pass along this information pertaining to Stringer flashlights.

I own 2 ultra stringers. Both off them the on/off button has wore off the rubber and many times gets stuck in the on position.

I was looking to purchase yet another one when I inquired with Streamlight I was told that the body & switch have a lifetime warranty.

Basically it will cost me shipping fees, but saves me the cost of a new light.

Hope this helps in saving someone a few dollars.

I still may purchase the Nachi stringer as it would be nice to have one.


Thanks Dave,
Just got a new one from Ebay with all the bells and whistles and it is good to know the warranty. Maybe I should read the paperwork that came with mine. So far I love the light, only wish I had bought one earlier.

Dave, thanks, the same thing happened to 2 of mine. I appreciate the information.:smiley:

Mine don’t not work all the time but I don’t want to get caught in a dark crawl space with one alone because they turn off by themselves:( …if I wait long enough the switch will start working again and it will come back on.

I’m waiting for my Nachi one then I’ll sent 'em in.

I’ll have to check where to send them…


I never took the time to figure how to post an URL.

If you search streamlight you will find the information. Make sure it is streamlight and not a distributor.


You can just type it like this: or you can copy and paste it…

Oh, here it is: :smiley:

Thanks, Dave.



How come I can’t paste a URL. What am I doing wrong?

You think that I would of figured this out by now!!



Received my light back in 2 days with a new switch that cost less than $10.

Saved about $70. Sweet. Now I can buy a electrical & slate bible reference books.


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