Stucco Cracks

Hey guys

All of these cracks were around the same corner of an old stucco house. The cracks don’t show through the block foundation but the sill plate is stained. THe bottom pics are the inside of the corner. Would you send it to the engineer?


I wouldn’t recommend an engineer, a contractor, yes.

There could be rain water coming in around the window.

The negative drainage at the foundation is also an issue.

I don’t see anything in your photos an engineer would do except recommend a contractor make what ever repairs are necessary to rectify the water intrusion concerns.


It’ll be easier for us to view your pictures and comment on them if you find a program to re-size them before posting them. Right clicks in various programs will give you the option.

Reverse grading and a crack in the stucco through which moisture can enter the wall. The reverse grading is probably responsible for all that stained block. Maybe a little movement from the grading opened the crack.

Dale’s right about the window, depending on the extent of the staining. Stucco should never terminate below grade. Call poor grading, improper stucco termination and possible window leaks and recommend a stucco contractor, not a structural engineer. If the contractor is good, he’ll have the answer and a bid for free. The SE may not have the answer and he’ll charge a lot of money and make you look bad.

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Ditto, ditto, and ditto.

Thanks guys

What do you mean about improper stucco terminaiton? The block foundation wall stops just at the horizontal crack.


This is just an example from one Mfg. but is pretty typical stucco information.

Resolve the moisture and most other problems with the system will be negligible if properly constructed.

Makes sense. Thanks!