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Does anybody have any drawings of stucco siding too close to earth?


Not sure if this is what you are looking for …


…or this one:

Thanks guys - both are great.

I posted this pic before but here is a real world example.

Cam1 021 (Small).jpg

Nice. This is the result of siding buried under grading…

Nice David. Looks like EIFS?

The seller of the home in my photo had already had a stucco inspection though non-invasive. The inspector had called out missing kick-out and other flashings. According to the seller work was already scheduled to address the concerns. I think I will drive by in the future to see if anything was done. Because of all the problems with similar homes this community required permits before stucco repairs are carried out.

I carefully and repeatedly explained to my client that without a more invasive inspection it is near impossible to tell what is going on behind the stucco coat.

The house was about 10 years ago and there was no visible evidence of moisture penetration though I would not be surprised if it existed.

Damage to this type of installation is common in that particular community and many have had their homes repaired more than once.

This is a picture of a home I inspected where a stucco contractor had made previous repairs. The stucco was cut back to provide the siding to ground clearance.


Nice vines. That’ll give the Termites a nice easy path to the sill.

Kinda like a step ladder:p

Yep. A good percentage of the vines that I find while inspecting, have Termite infestations on the inside studs.

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