Suggestion for report wording

I think it a great idea if we all put together a list of common comments that we can auto add to our reports. Some software out there have limited comments and it is sometimes a pain in the %&&.
So here goes my first contribution. Feel free to cut and paste if you like. And add some of your own.

A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet is a device that adds a greater level of safety by reducing the risk of electric shock. Most building codes now require that a GFCI outlet be used in wet locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms,basements and outdoors.A GFCI outlet monitors for a current imbalance between the hot and neutral wires and breaks the circuit if that condition occurs. A circuit breaker usually will trip if you receive a shock, but it may not act fast enough to protect you from harm. A GFCI outlet is more sensitive and acts faster than a circuit breaker or fuse and is thus an important safety feature. (A licensed electrician should install)

Happy And Prosperous New Year To All !!

John Esposito
The House Detective Home Inspection Agency
Belle Harbor, New York
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John…Just my quick thought on the subject is this.
Many times this idea floats on the MB, and everyone Rush’s in to say great idea.
Now imagine the Jeopardy song.
It never works because all of this info is out there.
You did a nice thing by using your own words.
It is called a narrative,and if we copy paste it …it is no longer a narrative , but a cut and paste.
On something so basic as circuit interrupters , nobody needs someone Else’s idea for the lingo as we all have our own writing style.
Just my thoughts on the matter.

Hi Bob,
I do appreciate your feedback, I just thought it would be easier if we had some auto comments to choose from for common recommendations.


Yeah …it is one of those good ideas that seems to fail in practice.

A while back R.Ray made these available to all iNACHI members. I think
it has been an ongoing effort. R.Ray my have one that is more recent.

Hope this helps…:wink:

Good idea… it always helps to learn from others.

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I have found through experience the easiest way to make any comments about certain items in a report is to add a link, to what ever your item my be.

Now that may not work for folks who print reports since their customers would not be able to click on the link naturally, I think I usually print about 2 reports a year out of about 300 on average, so its works fine for me.

Lets use your GFCI as one simple example.

Your home has Ground Fault Circuits at the locations in which they are required, please click this link to gain more information about Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.

When I tested the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in your home there was no concern present.

(makes the report idiot proof)…:smiley:

Hey Dale,
I too use Homegauge and have had attorneys ask me to include the text rather than a link since it requires them to click back and forth and yes I do have a few links back to epa, inground oil tanks etc… Thanks for your response and hope to see you on the HG board soon. John

Well John we all know it is sometimes hard to “Idiot Proof” an attorney…:smiley:

And since no SOP’s require anyone to explain what GFCI’s actually do, my links are a bonus…:smiley:

I agree with Dale, anything that is longer then a couple of sentences and is reused becomes a webpage on my site with explanations in it and a link in my report, helps me in many ways and makes their report more of a living document.

The main purpose of my reports is to educate and inform my client. That is why I’m adding some short videos to my report, better education and information for the clients.

Another good reason for NACHI membership, good information and reading.


A “living document,” huh? I like that. My report has been a living document since April 1, 2003, and is now in its third version with my “Real Estate Solutions” library.

You guys are much more savy than me. My computer skills are very limited and have been using software for my reports for only a little over a year. If you could share some of those links I would really appreciate it. I definately see your point.


John…want me to email you a report with the links in it I use on a regular basis?

Send me a private message (on this message board) with your email address, I’ll have a HomeGauge report to you pronto…unless you don’t see this message soon, I have an inspection at 8:30 MST