Talkin' About mold!

The water was a stream in this crawl/basement.Actually running out the door.
The slump was full and so was the drywell.The slump never stopped as long as I was there.
This is a friggin’ mess.
Why do I always get the hard ones.


Were you here today Roy? Looks pretty much the norm around here.

That’s what you get when the slump is not big enough. LOL;)

What a mess, hope you wore a respirator. :slight_smile:

That was just the easy thing.
I call this the door for the in-laws.Same house.
Canned narratives seem to never fit my inspections.
How about a little drywell to help out.
I’ll be typing all night on this one.

I’d be curious to see how the floor framing fits inbetween those two doors. :slight_smile:

I’m truly glad I ain’t gotta tell them how.
Why don’t you do the monthly deficiencies pic any more?
I liked it.
Start it back up. I second the motion.

I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna to put it in the report.LOL. I’ll do it though.

Didn’t get enough participation and took too much of my time. :slight_smile: But, thanks for the request.

That is weird! I see strange issues weekly sometimes daily.
However, It was entertaining .

Thank You and if you were to come up with a good idea for the Award Committee, it would be well entertained. :slight_smile: