Test Inspection Peer Review

Regarding Test Inspectors for National Certification

How were the Test Inspectors in Ontario chosen? What criteria was used?
If TIPR inspectors are testing other inspectors who accredited the TIPR?
If CAN P9 is the criteria and the National has not been audited for compliance how do we know the TIPR inspectors are qualified other then what we are told?

How does a TIPR inspector have any credibility given that at least one member has a very questionable record within OAHI, and has no respect for his competitors.

Sorry but this set up calls into question ethics, fairness, and openess within OAHI-CAHPI and the National.

Apparently OAHI-CAHPI will put up with anything as long as it suits their agenda. They must be desperate for warm bodies if this is what is considered to be fair and impartial inspectors. The Fox in charge of the Hen house.

well Ray, in defence of at least one of them; his qualifications seem to be well above the norm. He, apparently informed an agent down here a few days ago that he is now an engineer! ( at least that is what she remembers him saying) So you can see he is well qualified for the programme.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :shock:

This is so disappointing that the home inspectors of Canada are still not being treated with the dignity that they deserve .
It is close to three weeks ago that I called Mike Guihan the Chairman of CAHPI and offered a free both at the NACHI Conference .
NACHI also said that all CAHPI members could attend the NACHI conference in Toronto May 17th and 18th 2007 for the same cost as NACHI members.
I have received no answer and believe this information has not been passed onto the CAHPI members in Canada.
I am also led to believe that any OAHI members who do attend will not have their hours counted to wards the OAHI Continuing Education requirements .
I wonder will they count the hours that OAHI members gain at the Mould seminar next week in Toronto that Pro-labs is putting on.
This just goes back to what has been said all along it is a secret society only interested in their own agenda Too HE££ with what the home Inspectors think.
I am sure many of the directors know this information as they have been visiting the NACHI bb regularly
Roy Cooke . RHI… Royshomeinspection.com… CAHPI-ON

I guess SCRUPLES is not in his vocabulary!

Isn’t this the same guy who was telling agents that CREA was only recommends CAHPI Nationally Certified Inspectors? Strange because when I spoke to someone I know at CREA they said that CREA would not endorse one association over another because its not their mandate to be recommending one association over another.

Sure is strange that these positions were not advertised and that the system for choosing these people is not transparent. As a matter of fact these people have appointed themselves, there was no solicitation of the membeship. But we already know that the National is a body that reports to itself. This is what happens when you report to yourself, no accountability and much goes on that shouldn’t be occuring.

There is no way I would submit myself to the review of the two TIPR people in Ontario.


Why do you think they call Mike Guihan the President of CAHPI the invisible man? Obvioulsy he is only a figure head and the real power behind the puppet is someone from Ontario.

While everyone in OAHI is running around trying to get CAHPI off the ground OAHI is being neglected, thats why OAHI is in trouble. The management in OAHI have sold themselves out to CAHPI because of the power struggle between the BOD and non elected identities within OAHI.


  1. How do the examiners become qualified to do their work? Who tests them?

The examiners will be National Certificate Holders, very experienced,
respected members of their profession and will be tested by the Chief

Strange; how can the TIPR inspectors already be National Certificate holders? Cause Claude Lawrenson says so.

Respected members? That is the understatement of the year!

I would like to know how the numbers break down. How many Nachi members versus OAHI members applied for the pilot project. How many Nachi members were chosen for the pilot and what was the outcome of the numbers re the number of Oahi and the number of Nachi members that were accredited. If the numbers break down as I suspect, I am sure the Minister would be interested to know.

Test Inspections and Peer Review is not a new phenomenon. It’s been around and tested for years. ASHI was instrumental in using this process for a long time. Here is one example close to home near Ontario. As such CAHPI representatives were welcomed to attend. http://www.greatinspectors.com/members/peerreviews.html

Ray, “scruples”? I guess they got the ‘screw’ part down pretty well:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .

I really could care less about ASHI .
I care about the Home Inspection Industry in Canada.
Does CAHPI think that it must be a great idea because ASHI did it .
Claude you continually put on your post’s
( "In order to satisfy the recently demanded complete disclosure rules: “)
It sure would be great if you or some one just did exactly what you keep talking about .
We get from you very little information just like the rest on the secret society.
We ask simple questions and it is unfortunate that some one does not have have gonads to finally come out and tell the truth .
The CAHPI President has not replied to the NACHI offer that I sent to him and also posted on the NACHI site .
NACHI has offered a free booth to CAHPI and that all CAHPI members can attend the NACHI conference in Toronto in May of 2007.
I think you can face the truth ASHI members continually join NACHI .
I see also the same Happening here CAHPI members are also joining NACHI.
Why is CAHPI so afraid of NACHI .
CAHPI continues to evade giving any information to NACHI and the NACHI members .
I was again told that there is a serious disagreement with OAHI and CAHPI .
They expect to control all the inspectors in Canada .
What am i missing ?
NACHI continues to show all how great association NACHI is.
CAHPI continues to show how they just do not want to communicate .
(” In order to satisfy the recently demanded complete disclosure rules: ")

Roy Cooke… A Very Happy NACHI member

Gee I wonder what will happen to the National Certification now that their person who supplied the funds is also running away MP Joe Fontana . .


Fontana expected to quit as an MP
To run for mayor

in London, Ont.
Sep. 7, 2006. 01:00 AM

OTTAWA—Veteran Liberal MP Joe Fontana is expected to announce he is leaving federal politics to run for mayor of London.
Fontana, 56, (London North Centre) was minister of labour and housing in the government of Paul Martin. He was first elected to Parliament in 1988 when Brian Mulroney’s Conservatives were in power.
Uncharacteristically, the media-friendly Fontana declined to be interviewed yesterday. But he has told associates he will announce shortly that he is leaving the federal political scene to jump into London’s mayoral race, which culminates in a Nov. 13 vote. A former London city councillor, he has been under pressure to challenge Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, who is seeking her third term.
Fontana, who supported Martin’s leadership ambitions as far back as 1990, appears to be one of many Liberals feeling frustrated after the Jan. 23 election, which ended Martin’s short-lived government and plunged the party into opposition.
Personable and popular, Fontana was elected to three consecutive terms as national chair of the federal Liberal caucus.
He toyed with the idea of running for the Liberal leadership after Martin quit early this year but decided against it. Instead, he threw his support behind former Ontario education minister Gerard Kennedy.
Fontana is now the Liberals’ parliamentary critic for science and research.
Roy Cooke … A Happy NACHI Member

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Roy Cooke … A Happy NACHI Member

As I have stated before - I am not the spokesperson for the National Certification Authority (NCA). It is best to go to the source. Mike G., is not the NCA chair or committee person if you are looking for an official response. Even the Chief Examiner position is one of reporting to those higher up the chain of command, and following a set procedure, ultimately reporting to NCA. So its rather simplistic to imply that process and committee work is operating in a vacuum, or without knowledge of representation outside of the inspection realm. Its interesting to see the implication that those examining have circumvented the process - that is far from the fact.

I must commend those that are from outside stakeholders that have positively contributed and supported the work of the national initiative. They certainly are owed much more than just a thank you or unfair comments from those that are yet to be substantiated by facts.

In addition, those such as representatives within CMHC are well aware of the inner workings of the NCA, and the various related committees. So mere speculation is likely not holding a lot of weight, versus first hand oversight of whats going on a the committee level, regardless of the letter writing campaigns and tidbits of inuendo.

The answers will not and should not be expected through this forum or through NACHI itself. Remember it was Nick himself that posted that NACHI members should not support the project. That’s fine - it seems to sum up NACHI’s position. Interestingly enough, some NACHI members have chosen to go through a TIPR and have applied to become a national certificate holder. Certainly there are already a few members here that have decided to opt out for various reasons. That is truly their perogative.

Again, I would suggest going directly to the source if you expect a response. Past history has already proven that “official” responses are not likely going to surface here.


Gee why am I not surprised ?
The CAHPI pres ,
THe CAHPI Director.
the OAHI director .
The OAHI CAFE manager .
They all must have been trained at the same place .
Just like …"[size=5]Three Monkeys: [/size]](http://www.nachi.org/forum/)
[size=5]“Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”[/size] …

I really do think they are all in it for the money.
Roy Cooke and NACHI continues to Grow
Gee why am I not surprised ?

You did not need to tell us that Claude we allready new That

(" Again, I would suggest going directly to the source if you expect a response. Past history has already proven that “official” responses are not likely going to surface here.
[/quote) ")
Why should they put any information there .

They have already proved they do not want the members to ask questions they shut down the CAHPI WEB site why do you think that Bill Mullen and many of his buddies come to the NACHI site to see what is going on.
Bill started the Blog and removed the post’s that asked questions he did not want to answer .
Claude criticizes me when I make a post he does not like but never says a word about Bill who have said far worse thing about me .
Then when it gets warm Claude says do you want me to quit .
Even when they get information here that should be shared with all the OAHI and CAHPI members they do not do it .
They continue to show their fear of NACHI by not letting information out .

Thanks for the first true statement you have had the courage to print .
(’'Again, I would suggest going directly to the source if you expect a response. Past history has already proven that “official” responses are not likely going to surface here.
[/quote) ")

Roy Cooke Glad we Have NACHI to get the information from


I cannot for some reason post a poll to ask those sort of questions. They need to be asked and thanks for bringing it up.

Firstly CAHPI doesn’t seem to want to respond.
Secondly the link above tells the viewer to contact CAHPI if there are more questions.
Thirdly regardless who is incharge of the TIPR and who is on the NCA these reviewers were appointed. Again who tested them and what qualified them? This whole process has not been anything more then friends appointing friends and not once has any of these positions been open for competition or for anyone to apply. At least one of these reviewers in Ontario should not be on or part of any review process!


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … :slight_smile: