Thank You KATE! :)

Dear Kate,

I would like to formally thank you for all of the fast and detailed work you did helping me with my marketing ideas, specifically my brochure. You were/are very helpful. [FONT=Verdana]It is very much appreciated!
And Thank you InterNACHI for helping Kate help me, you are both Awesome! [FONT=Verdana]:mrgreen:[/FONT]

Ryan Eberhardt
Premier Home Inspection & Analysis

You’re welcome, Ryan! We’re happy to serve! :nachi:

Thanks Kate!

I do not know Kate,
Maybe I should?

Kat is InterNACHI’s in-house editor. She proofs members’ marketing pieces. She is another little-known InterNACHI membership benefit.

Then may be we should all know Kate!

Here is another recent thread about Kate:

Gee, guys! :wink:


Nice picture Kate.
I wish I looked like that.:smiley: