Thank you, Nick!

Received quite a nice surprise from Nick today. FedEx arrived at 10:00 am and delivered a package from Nick Gromicko.

Inside was a brand new, fully loaded, HP Pavillion notebook computer. Awesome, to say the least.

I’ll be using this in all things NACHI. Thanks so very much. It could not have come at a better time.

NACHI rules.

The thing that I remember most about my first boss was his sage advice. I will always remember him saying, “You don’t get, if you don’t ask”.


Can you send me one too? :mrgreen:

I got a good gift from my old employers, today.

A Garmin GPS!

Seems that I helped them with some of their problems (at and they were too cheap to pay (go figure) so they sent me a GPS. No problem. I needed one.

BUT. I called the guy back and asked for another one. He sent it along (they are only 1.1 miles away from where I live) and the NACHI Chicago Chapter will be giving it away at our November Chapter meeting (which will also be a meeting for 3 hrs of State C.E. credit.

See here, for more details:

NACHI. All about vendor extortion! :mrgreen:

It is of little comfort to know that one of the world’s most widely known makers of maps uses GPS for themselves!:mrgreen:

They sell data to Garmin (and MapQuest, and Google, and others).

Pretty cool. Sell data. No cost and high profits.

Worked for them for about 7 years.

It was really good of Nick to do that for you, Joe. Congratulations, and “way to go” Nick.

Congrats Joe…!

It does not matter if I call you day or night, during the week or on the weekends …. You are always working on a “NACHI project”.
**For all of the tremendous amount of free work that you do for NACHI I firmly believe that you deserve this laptop and much, much more. **

**That being said …………. it takes a generous and indeed a wise man like Nick Gromicko to recognize your many, many selfless contributions to NACHI. **

Nick has been extremely generous to all of our membership by providing so many free benefits, free educational courses, and free marketing programs, etc… The list just goes on and on!
Nick has never been reluctant or hesitant when it comes to doing the right thing!

  • **We {the members of NACHI} are lucky to have both of you!:smiley: **
    **Once again congratulations on the laptop, and kudos to Nick for stepping up to the plate!:nachi: **

Congratulations Joe.

Editted…lol…lol…ok…ok…enjoy the Laptop…lol…

I to received a box today.

I thought to myself…could it be…can it be…

I hurriedly opened it, alas, it was…

A bunch of garbage bags neatly packed in see thru bags with other little do-hickey “timely tips” stuff inside.

Not exactly hi tech, but at least NACHI was thinking of me too !!!

Thank you, NACHI !!!

Congratulations Joe !!!



Hey Will when at Rand did you work for Jan Kirkpatrick ?

It needed another BUMP!

Thanks for all that you do Joe.