Thanks to NACHI and its Members

This is the Canadian Thanks giving day .

I have learned a lot at NACHI and tried to help when I can ,
We have many great Homies ,Unfortunately we have also a lot of good home Inspectors who** seldom or never post** any more many have even **left **NACHI .
I think they have had enough of the negative attacks by a very few.
It might be a good idea to remind those few how they have many good ideas to stop their silly posts and try to improve our industry instead of destroy our industry.
I look back and see many who have given so much help have just given up posting I guess many of us are the cause by feeding these disgruntled posters and not asking them to please turn off their negative postings and be civil .

Roy Cooke …Lets all try and improve NACHI… Please add your ideas.

And your post above being one of the more negative ones. This shows your true self, by (alledgedly)opening (in the spirit of Thanksgiving) with a “Thank you” only to turn it into an “A-s-s chewing”. F-you! It starts with YOU. Stop posting all the crap and irrelevent stuff you do, and actually post something usefull. All your whining is getting old… really old!

Thanks for your postive help it is much appreciated .
I do hope you are happy with what you do.
This post of your’s has added little to helping NACHI and its membership.
I wonder could you be part of the reason why many of the older experienced members have left NACHI???

Roy Cooke

Roy is not the “innocent” he claims.

I find it so sad that these two are trying to destroy me .
Extremely poor taste and very sleazy .
Their poison posts are uncalled for .

Michael was on the ESOP when I was suspended for 14 days for standing up for another member.
I challenged the ESOP and demanded a hearing .
No way I called the esop a kangaroo court and was not allowed to defend my self from their frivolous charges so they extended it to a full suspension.
I have put this behind and when NICK invited me back I excepted .
Michael was upset and has followed me posts and made many silly comments .
I stand behind what I have said and done for a person to sit on the ESOP and have a closed mind was wrong then and are still wrong .
Thanks Michael and Jeffrey for showing all just what kind of malicious people you are .

***Yawn… ***you bore me little man. I’ve said my piece. Anything you have to add to that is just drivel from a cantankerous old coot. I have no desire to empower you in your rantings. I’d sooner have a meaningful conversation with Burkeson. :stuck_out_tongue:

Roy, I know it is hard to accept but it is you is the author of your own destruction.

The message board is full of you shenanigans attacks and then your self proclaimed “innocence”.

If you don’t want these things brought up stop playing the victim.

Your claim of having put this all in the past is silly in the extreme as you constantly whine about others just like you did when you posted this thread.

And this is a bold faced lie

I had absolutely nothing to do with it and was not on the ESOP at that time.

So even if you where not on the ESOP does that give you any excuse to carry on with trying to discredit me .
You are showing how vindictive you are and how jealous you are;… Roy

Oh yes it does.

Because every time you proclaim your innocence or play the victim others need to know the game you are playing so I post the the truth about you for all to see.

If you want it to stop, **STOP making inflammatory, baiting and untrue posts.
As always, it’s your choice.

Happy holiday, Roy.

True change cannot be willed onto others, it can only be spawned from within. Pope 10.10.2011 :smiley:

Happy Canadian Holiday.

Thanks for the encouragement much appreciated .

Also thanks to all who have sent me email .

We do have a lot of great Homies .

I will keep on trying to share my knowledge when I can… Roy

Good for you, just keep your personal vendettas out of it and all will be fine.:smiley:

Exactly… share your knowledge, please. You have more than some of us combined. Just keep your other crap to yourself. :wink:

It was you who two who did the attacking please read post Jeffery #2 & Michael #4 above .
You will make me a very happy person if you just leave me alone … Roy

You are lying again Roy.

Do you even read what crap you post?

Just who the hell are you talking about?

Speak plainly Roy for once in your life without lying

As long as you attack, play the victim, lie and infer the guilt of other by using innuendo, you will be answered with the truth.

Your choice:roll:

Happy Columbus Day!

Enough already. lol