Thanks to Will Decker and David Nice WiNACHI

Will did a great job at the joint Illiniois-Wisconsin Structure for the Home Inspector training class last Saturday in Milwaukee. Very informative!! Keep up the good work!

Not only that, but Will came over the other day and installed my new VOIP phone system…

Now, I wonder if I can talk him into stopping by to fix my leaking Aprilaire humidifier and get rid of the #!@#! squirrel living in my ceiling… :slight_smile:

I hope his response to the above is something like this, “Built in humidifiers require annual service. The water panel can become clogged and this can lead to water leaking into the furnace.” :smiley:

Say, you don’t ever make it down to Chicago, do you Greg? And if you do, could you bring along some squirrel poison (or maybe a pelllet gun?)

I’ll buy you lunch. :slight_smile:

This is how some people deal with Squirrels up here. It’s from an inspection I had last week…

I was thinking about a way to adapt it for BEARS…:stuck_out_tongue:

I do pass through Chi-town occasionally on the way to visit my folks in Indiana.:slight_smile:


Holy smokes. Is that what I think it is? Does it actually electrocute the squirrels… or just give 'em enough juice to keep them out of of the bird feeder?

And wouldn’t the birds get zapped as well?

Well, that’s a no-brainer. Just hang a blue & orange #8 jersey on it. Guaranteed Bear-killer. :cry:

So you’ll be coming down next week to comfort them after Manning chokes, then? :twisted:

Hey, as long as you’re not wearing anything green & yellow, feel free to stop by for a beer… or better yet, invite me & my son up there for a whitetail hunt!


I have lots of Green and GOLD but no cheesehead. I was raised a Bears fan being from northern IN. I got turned off in '85 and when Walter Payton never got the call for a TD but the Fridge did. No Class!

Back on subject, I would think if I was hired by the birds I would have to report the wiring as a DEFECT because it’s not strung tight enough. If a bird would lite on one leg they would naturally be protected. But since the cable is loose a bird could contact both legs at once and that wouldn’t be a good thing!

Who cares about the tree rats. :mrgreen:

Let’s not forget Scott Le Marr and DJ Skelding for their hard work and contributions and everyone who participated for making it a successful day.

You know I just couldn’t let this go… Congradulations on making to the the Superbowl! I think it might have gave Brett Favre the incentive to come back at least for one more season! :smiley: Go Pack!!!