The Best Part of Conference 2012

I had such a great time spending this weekend surrounded by some of my most favorite people. The camaraderie is the BEST part of conference.

Not only did I get to see some of my best friends. But I made some new friends that I know I will have connections with for years and years to come.

THANK YOU to the inspectors for coming. And, THANK YOU to all of our Educators & Vendors! I had so many inspectors approach me to tell me they had such a great time and had learned so much! Many inspectors are taking back products from our vendors that will help their business be more organized, grow and THRIVE!

Most importantly - THANK YOU to Lisa Endza, Chloe, Nikolai Gromicko and of course Nick and the rest of the InterNACHI staff. Your support of local chapters is Amazing. Because of your support, we are successful.

YOU ALL ROCK. :slight_smile:

I think it should be us thanking you for all your hard work and for putting up with people like me all weekend! (feel free to disagree with the last part)

LOL! Carl - it was WONDERFUL to put a face to a name!!! :slight_smile:

and, if you mean “putting up with people like me” as in - people with southern accents… I have learned to interprate the language pretty well! :smiley:

I 2nd that! :stuck_out_tongue:
Michelle Shishilla did an amazing job!!
Making it easier to run my business with what I learned & Dom’s
HIP class, I’ve learned to wteek my template to help cut down report time! :smiley:

I agree - Michelle, thanks for all the work. Even though I missed the first morning, I feel I got more than my money’s worth, and it went very smoothly. I look forward to the next one!

I had a good time and as always learned something! Great to meet a few more inspectors and always have a blast talking with everyone.

Congrats to Nathan with the new addition to the family. She is beautiful.

Michelle, the guys have already said but its worth repeating…“THANKS” you all did an outstanding job this weekend and those of us who reaped the benefits really appreciate everything that was done.

Thank you all so very very much. :slight_smile:

Michelle, it was a great event! Can’t say which was best. So much good stuff came out of the event. Thanks to all the vendors.

We are signing up with Inspection Support Network, and jumping over to Home Inspector Pro Android software.

Special thanks to Dominic with HIP for the training in SEO and Software.

Jay, we r signing with ISN as well. After consulting with Dan Huber from ISN I can’t fathom not trying it! 60 days free? How can you lose?

I was speaking with Dom and Dan…those of us that signed up together…I thought we could form a group to help each other with the learning curve? What do u think? Although I Know Dan is available for one on one consultation/training as well… Let me know your thoughts?

Yes, that sounds great. We will probably be able to get the system up and running much quicker.

I signed up 2 with Inspection Support Network!

The conference is awesome! Michelle does a great job pulling it all together. The vendors make it all possible with all of their contributions and support. It was great to see everyone and meet some new inspectors. Every time we go to a conference we learn something significant to help grow our business and that is the real purpose. Thank you all!

Michelle, the teachers and the vendors all did a great job! I learned a lot.

Maybe next year you guys could have it in a smaller venue. I and others got lost a few times from the long walks through the convention center and the parking lot. If country boys do not see a cow path to follow, we get lost.

I commend Michelle for a good job she did.\:D/

Michelle, you did an awesome job! Thanks for putting on such a great conference.

Thanks for all the kind words guys it was great seeing all of you again and putting faces to the names of others I hadn’t met before. And a special welcome to all the new users of the HIP Family :slight_smile:

I saw Dom do something that made me do a double take. I saw him eat a small cake instead of a cookie.

Thanks Dom! That means so much coming from you! :slight_smile:

It is worth saying again, Michelle and John did a fantastic job. They made us feel very welcome. The conference was well run with lots of great inspectors and teams.
Thanks for the trust with all the people who signed up to be part of the ISN family.
I will be sending Michelle the names so we can set up a couple webinars to get everybody set up.
Thanks as well to Lisa and her team at InterNACHI! As always they are not only helpful but fun to hang out with!

Yeah they seem to have great stories of crazy things happening!

That was a damn good cake too. Wow!!