The Elite Group & Internachi partnering to offer free seller inspections!

Looks like they offer every service Thornberry has to pitch. That’s a whole other discussion post though.

Or anybody in any part of the country. We already do pre-listing inspections and all this will do is hurt us. How can we compete against someone doing them for free. I think the idea is a good one, what I have an issue with is when I asked about how to get selected to do these inspections I was told that “it won’t launch until next year, the details have not been worked out yet” yet every thread about this topic mentions another inspection company off and running. One by one Nachi is placing the lucky winners across the country to do these inspections so by the first of year Nachi won’t need any other inspection companies.

You aren’t competing with free. You’re offering them for free, while still getting paid. And still getting all the inspections the first one generates.


Per this thread, Elite is offering them for free.

The rest of us are on the sidelines.

Ian writes:

And who’s fault is that? Read my post #11 of this thread.

According to post Nate made, before he got booted, he helped make this company what they are today.

If it is not freely open to ALL members then it is potentially damaging to those that it is not open to, which that in itself is another COE violation.


Of course. But I don’t beg any man.

Ian writes: Quote:
The rest of us are on the sidelines.
And who’s fault is that? Read my post #11 of this thread.

Yes I do. What next?

I don’t understand. This is in testing stage. If I wanted to be a beta tester I’d email Nick directly. Horse. Water. Drink.

Can you please explain what that means?

Also please answer this.

1.Once this thing is out of beta and launches, Will it be freely open to any and all inspectors who want to do it on their own or does Internachi control or decide the actual inspections that can be done in this program?


I have volunteered twice.

But in case it is not clear,

Yes, IM Home Inspections is ready, willing and wants to participate in the testing and implementation of this program.

The launch requires InterNACHI to at least pay for the first one, so yes, I guess we have some control over those.

So that means this program is NOT freely open to any inspector who wants to do it, the inspector as well as the actual inspections will be decided by Nachi.

1. Is that correct ?


2. Can any inspector market this themselves to any prospective pre listing seller they choose too?


Not an Ashi buffoon or an enemy, but am I missing something? If this program works as designed there would be only one fully paid home inspection and possibly many $39 purchases of that report. Why would a buyer purchase the report, then turnaround and order another home inspection? It seems to me it’s the same pie size, just on the other side, and my fee would be dictated by someone else.
If the program is even somewhat successful wont there be somewhat less buyers inspections in the market?

I am not really familiar with the real-estate and inspection laws in other states. I have only done one pre-listing inspection in the last year and that was of a realtors family member to determine if they were going to sell the home or not. Every realtor in NJ that I have spoken to does not want anything to do with pre-listing inspections. They want the seller to know as little as possible so they can avoid issues with the sellers discloure and can claim they were unaware of an issue. They would prefer to roll the dice and hope issues are not found. I would also take a guess that most attorneys will still be looking for a purchase inspection to be done and the realtors will want to look good in front their clients and save them some money by not purchasing the report.

Pre-real estate agent. That’s the point of it all. To capture real estate leads.

The only reason we, as an industry, have difficulty in raising our dues and are beholden to agents is because of a timing fluke: they get to our clients first. This program reverses that.

Agents around here don’t even want to hold open houses anymore. The main reason they do, no longer exists. Buyers have their agents already by the time they show up.

Also, in this market a home can have multiple inspections or “pre offer consultations”. These are the “walk and talk” consultations. This program wipes those out, reducing the number of inspections per home. There’s no spin on it that can make that go away.

The fact that this isn’t/won’t/can’t be patented is horrible. I bet there’s a few large companies watching now and waiting to see how this flies. I’m guessing it won’t be long before we see these tech companies step in and start their own program. The door is open for all the middle man scumbags. If you have a chance to patent this, do it and try to save the industry or at least your members.

The only way to keep any implied conflict of interest is not involving Porch or any other entity in any way. Implied conflict is just as bad as the real thing. While I never plan on working for any lead generator company, My business is at risk if people think I do.

The program has nothing to do with inspections. The seller inspections are merely a mechanism to generate a product that our industry can then use.

Free pre-listing inspections are only a mechanism to achieve goals. InterNACHI will pay you full-price to do them. This makes InterNACHI the client, at least for the first one. This also legally permits InterNCHI to share its inspection report with others. The seller pre-agrees to this as it actually has been show to help sell homes. It’s a very forthright way to sell a home, eliminates failure-to-disclose lawsuits, and prevents the home sale from blowing up over a defect in the 11th hour when the buyer does their own inspection. We incentivize them to do their own inspection as well. Now in the meantime, while InterNACHI is using the report to generate homebuyer leads by offering it for $39 or $9.99 or free or whatever, you do your thing to get the inspection on the home the seller is moving to. This should be pretty easy since you already have a connection made when you did his listing inspection. You might also get some repair-verification inspection work out of it. Now while you’re doing that, I’m feeding you the leads from all the future homebuyers downloading your report. Without lifting a finger, I’ve at a minimum, put a copy of the inspection report in the hands of many future homebuyers. Those reports have your inspection company name and contact information on them, so they promote you (not me, I don’t even own a ladder) to the very future homebuyers in your local market who are still looking for a home and going to need a home inspector in your town. That’s awesome free target marketing for you. Remember, if 20 future homebuyers download your report, at least 19 of them aren’t buying the home the inspection report was done on, so those 19 still need a home inspector and now they have a sample report from you. And also remember that there is zero liability in your inspection report on 123 Main Street being in the hands of 19 consumers who didn’t buy 123 Main Street. And there is zero liability added by your client. InterNACHI is your client and we aren’t going to sue our own inspector. Anyway, those are 19 hot home inspection leads. But they are also 19 hot real estate leads. Super hot, not just Zillow surfers. Give them to your agent, in particular the listing agent. She’ll be thrilled and will want you to inspect more listings. You’ll be feeding HER family. And she’ll be delivering dark chocolates to YOUR office. The program takes nothing away from your current business, it gives you full-price inspection work, target markets you to future homebuyers in your town who are all about to hire a home inspector, it adds no additional liability from the one you get from InterNACH, it adds no liability from the reports being in the hands of consumer who ultimately didn’t buy the home inspected, it allows you an chance at repair-verification inspections and a shot at inspecting the home the seller is moving to (if local), it increases your odds of up-selling your ancillary inspection services, it more than doubles the amount of inspection work infused into our industry, and it allows our profession to catch the homebuyers first, before the agents do which leads to much higher fee structures for you.

Okay. You talked me into it. I’m onboard.