The fee for CMI goes to $2,500.00 soon.

Thanks Frank!

I’m ready to take advantage of this. I just hit 1,000 inspections this week.

July also happens to be my 3 year anniversary.

I filled out the online application, but the only payment link was for the $2,500 and not the $1,000.

Please let me know how to proceed Nick.

Thank you!

Email me and I’ll give you instructions to get the $1500 discount so that you only pay a one-time, lifetime fee of $1,000… once (and you are a CMI forever, no annual dues). Here is my email address:

Great deal!

Good deal for CMI’s

One of these days Alice.

…that is an ignorant post as the above names are not CMI training…we are advisors to the program and I happen to be an Electrical Specialists…unless others disagree…lol…and I am sure there are some that do…(like i CARE anymore…lol)

But these names have nothing to do with how the are listed…as being instructors…it says “advisory board”…nothing more…GESH!

I am now a Certified Master Inspector

Thanks Nick!

Now I just have to get a plaque photo next time I see you.

Congratulations. Some will pooh pooh it because you got a discount. I don’t believe that diminishes it at all.

Many of those who complain are not a CMI .
I think they just might be jealous .
Welcome aboard , Glad for you all the best … Roy


I’m starting to miss Kevin Wood. The message board just isn’t the same anymore. :shock::stuck_out_tongue:

:mrgreen:He was some what entertaining.

That he was. Educational too. :—)

Well, he was very Edumacated. LOL

Sad to see so many of the Long time members some seldom post and others no longer post much. And some nothing at all…
This unfortunate as much experience not getting to many newbies .

It’s your perception only. Posts from those who have been members from all different lengths of time are way up. The difference between the number of posts we get today vs. 5 years ago is insane. Hyperbolic increase. And every day, every member, becomes a veteran by one more day. Newbies of 5 years ago are all veterans today.

I don’t think in the past many were inspectors for more than ten years, when compared to the number of inspectors. That dynamic is shifting as people are getting into the profession earlier. I think many post earlier in there career and slow down as they slow down.