Please join me in welcoming industry leader Dale Duffy to our family of CMIs.

Welcome aboard Dale.

Great I always figured you where good . Glad for you welcome aboard … Roy

Well its about time! If you don’t make $1000.00 in 1 year Dale I will pony up the money for you.:mrgreen:


That will only pay less than half of the “new” CMI fee of $2,500.

I actually thought about joining last month but I missed the deadline. $2,500 is a bit pricey for me.

Save it Stephen but read close. LOL

Welcome Dale

Christopher you do realize you have three years to pay this right.:wink:

NACHI takes payments

Well let’s wait for Dale to see how elated he is about joining :smiley:

And what made him decide to ultimately join!

Did you pay $2,500?

Coming from a guy that joined when it only cost $300. :wink:


Nope!!! Everyone has to pay $1000.00 minus the amount they started out with, we just got the first part paid to have the CMI 6 years back.
Nick has also given a special deal to Ontario Inspectors as his way of showing support for what we must deal with in the Licensing thing not yet set up.
Man has it been that long.:shock:

So you’re saying that all the inspectors that joined CMI during the first fews years of inception for $300, or $395, whatever it was, were required to pay an additional $700 to remain a CMI?

Stop being such a cheapskate and join the ranks of the elite so that you can communicate on a level playing field with those who are now way above you Chris.
How can you expect your business to get off the ground with no CMI designation.

Live and learn young man.

Christopher, you can apply at the old $1K fee. It’s a one-time, lifetime cost, so you never have to pay again. You’ll have to email me with your phone number though (and I’ll call you tomorrow) as the online application fees were upped in January.

Do it soon though, we’re pretty certain that we are going to raise the fee again to somewhere between $15K and $25K soon. It may even go as high as $50,000.00.

OK Nick thanks for tagging me out here and answering the rest of the questions for the night.:wink:
Good night all and hope to see Christopher, Jj, Charley and Bob on board in the morning.

I hope for your sake your not holding your breath;-):roll:

That’s funny. I am hoping he is. :wink: