The Kook and Wanker Show

  1. Roy Cooke lied about his CHI and RHI, and bragged about it to a few people, after the fact. (Roy Cooke is a documented liar and a cheat, and no stories that he makes up about other people will ever change that fact.)

  2. Raymond Wand was roasted for being a BAD committee chairmanat OAHI, colluding with a credential-falsifying OAHI applicant to make Gil Strachan’s life diifficult at OACETT.

  3. During Cam Allen’s short term as Canadian Director, Roy and Ray tried to pressure him to oust Dave Bottoms from NACHI. Cam refused. Roy and Ray got their noses out of joint. Roy’s potty-mouthed, gutter-snipe of a wife started throwing expletives around.

  4. Gromicko lied about support for the Kingston conference, plus he stiffed two ad companies for tens of thousands of dollars of ad space. Says he never authorized the production… even though he displayed brag samples on the website only days earlier.

And he stiffed Wayne for all the work and expense that went into creating the Inspector Recovery Fund.

  1. The entire Kingston Chapter smelled a rat, and bailed from NACHI, en masse. Poof! There goes a hundred members… although Nick likes to keep them listed on his website, to make his numbers look good. Nick likes numbers.

  2. Nick made up some ****-and-bull story to cover for the **** in Kingston, which stupid Roy somehow capitalized upon… and which has had him asking for over two years “What did Gil do with the money?”

There never was any money. That was the whole problem. Nick never coughed up the support money he promised to the convention or to the ad companies.

And Roy babbles on about how Gil used NACHI money to promote his own business… which makes little sense, since Gil’s ad’s appeared in only three of the hundreds of office folder projects, and for which he paid the same rate as any other NACHI member.

  1. Wand, having been previously browned-off at Gil and Cam, decided to chime in with Roy about “Where did the money go?” And of course all the US members who either didn’t know what was going on, or chose to cover for Nick because they are on the inside of this company, chimed in with the same “Gil’s in the cookie jar” bull****.

  2. Raymond has been accusing OAHI for years, of wrong-doing and book-cooking, simply because he’s a demented loser with stinging wounds from being disciplined while he was disciplinary chief. He’s over here at NACHI because nobody anywhere else will pay any attention to him anymore. “Kook and Wanker” they are known as… and the Canadian HI industry’s best-known pariahs.

Anybody familiar with the frustrated mall security guard on the TV show “6teen”? Well, that’s Raymond. And Mr. Hainey on Green Acres? Well, that’s Roy.

  1. Roy Cooke is so far up Nick Gromicko’s *** he can’t see anything straight anymore, and Gromicko is so goddam crooked, they’re going to have to corkscrew him into the ground when he dies.

  2. Bob and Helen at ACISS are another incrediBULL story. We’ll address that another day.

  3. The NACHI ownership and leadership are crooked thugs, with no scruples, beguiling thousands of neophyte home inspectors into buying a membership. You buy a membership, you pay Nick. You know, the guy who hides in Colorado because he can’t go back to Pennsylvania. “The Founder.”

  4. And Roy and Raymond are sucked right in, been drinkin’ the Kool-Aid for a couple years now, and right ready to kill for Nick. Roy because he’s got nowhere else to go, and Raymond because he’s all bitter and twisted, and trying to find an angle to use to hurt the guys at OAHI.

  5. When everyone else moves on, and gets their National Certificates at CAHPI, the Kook and Wanker show will still be here, to entertain NACHI recruits.

And that NACHOs, is the story of Kook and Wanker.


Seems about how I remember it too.

Nice little history Gil.

Here’s another piece for you history buffs:

Hi everyone.:smile:

I have logged in as gilstrachan using the information on the following site:

Go ahead try it yourself. We can all play Gil, Norm, bugmenot, Dave etc.
Have fun and try the others. Hurry now.

See screen shot below:

attachment.php?attachmentid=6783&thumb=1&d=1163079 053

I have changed the login password for user gilstrachan to avoid tampering. Ha, Ha, Ha.

			**Mystery Man**

And Fake Raymond continues :smile:

No it doesn’t. Sorry, that was just me again.

Raymond E. Wand

You must at least 2 years old Eh?

You are not well Raymond. Get some rest


**Fake **Roy Coke Sr Village idiot and mayor of Boneheadville

We believe you Raymond.
We no you can not help yoursel;f.
We LOVE our Raymond long time


What can I say but Fake Roy cooke Sr continues to show his intelligence