The one-time, lifetime fee for CMI has been raised to $1,000.00.

Applications postmarked on or before the end of the month (January 31, 2011) will be honored at the old price.

That should cause some excitment …

  • [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif]Make a check or money order for $1,000 payable to “Master Inspector Certification Board.” This is a one-time application-processing fee and is good for your lifetime. There are no annual dues or hidden costs. This is a one-time, lifetime fee.


  • [FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif][size=2]**Mail **the application/affidavit, the check or money order, one form of proof of your business standing (from #2), and a copy of your driver’s license to:[/FONT] [/size]
  1. [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif] Master Inspector Certification Board

                                       1750  30th Street, Suite 300
                                              Boulder, CO  80301[/FONT][FONT=Arial]


OMG you have to be kidding.

Who would pay $1000 for Sticker?

Any inspector who wants more inspections and who wants to be able to charge more for every inspection, forever. Do the math.

Well that sucks , I had my paper work already to go. I guess i will wait now

Read post #1 (not just the thread title).

WOW is right. I’m glad I stopped in to see what was going on. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time! I guess I’ll get off my butt and send it in by the 31st!

Isn’t the old fee $250.00? Thanks.

Choosing to be a National Certificate Holder NCH may be an interesting alternative if you’re Canadian.

Myself, I hold both designation :p;-)!

Yep NCH Pay me now. What is the NCH cost today?
It seems to be a changing target $100;00 then was it about $2,000;00 counting travel and hotel and then pay every year what ever the fee is at that time if they can keep it alive on life support.
The future does not look good for the NCH.

Or CMI at $375;00 for life HMMMMMMM

Mine will be in the mail tomorrow, sorry about that i could not get by 1000.00 Part lol

Congrats to all those who get in under the wire.

Wow, am I glad I applied for my CMI a year plus ago.

Don’t wait for the price to go up, apply now. :slight_smile:

I hope most of my Florida competition feels the same way you do too. :wink:

You’re not paying attention Roy…Nick said that CMI is going to cost $1,000.00 starting February 1, 2010!

By the way Roy, it was posted numerous times on various forums that you and yours got your CMI for free without any background checks…

Care to comment???

The checks have always been a requirement and no one got out of that requirement.

As for free, no one has ever been free. I’ve paid for a few when we first launched CMI, and I’ve financed a few last week.

If I recall, Roy also paid for at least one (maybe more, I can’t remember) inspector to get his CMI recently. It may have been free for that inspector, but it wasn’t free. Roy paid the inspector’s fee in full. I guess what goes around comes around.

Marcel Please be so kind as to show these places where you have seen this .
I Paid for mine and Chars CMI. and do feel you are trying to make me look bad .
Unfortunately you are spreading false information, not needed not proper .
You need to try and help this industry instead of trying to destroy me. Unfortunately it is you who is having trouble reading I said $375;00.
Nick says it goes too $1,000;00 at the end of the month.
You brought up the NCH and did not answer the NCH cost .
I would like you to apologies after you discover your error.
Do I expect you to say your sorry no I expect you are to much like Bill Never ever admit to an error .
Your Chance to show you are able to apologies ???

Thanks NICK .
I can find a copy of the Checks and the Affidavits we signed and had notarized .

Yes a company employee paid with a company cheque

I am sure they will Joe. HHhahahhahah.

CMI Rocks