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Yes, local is where you are.

Is that hard to understand?

Or did you assume that I only get calls from people in my area. :roll: :roll:

Like I said pay attention.

Normally, I wouldn’t comment on a post that’s this far out of place from the OP, but you need to look again at your picture.

There’s nothing about that set up that is “up to standards.”

The P-trap is backwards and the DW drain line needs a high-loop or an air-gap. When the DW drain line starts turning black as in your picture, that’s bacteria from the disposal…

Yes definitely be careful about what you post across the net and on here. I was about to refer a fellow member but did a quick google search, lets just say there wasn’t the best stuff out there about him.

are you saying a high loop will remove bacteria from the DW drain line? theres bacteria coming from the DW also…

Hello everyone,
Attached is a picture of under a bathroom sink. All connections have been done properly and there is no moisture visible.

I send fellow members work all the time :slight_smile:

Pictured is a hearth measured at 17". This fire place is in good condition.

Are you lost young man?

If not, then he has a wicked sense of humor.:slight_smile:

If so, I’m really impressed.

Pictured is a stairway leading up to a landing. There are 4" x 4" posts being used incorrectly.

I’d be way more concerned with those stringers! WTF!!! :shock:

That’s not all that is done incorrectly…:shock:

It’s a tear down and start over case for sure.:shock:

I didn’t notice this post Robert.

A high loop does nothing to “remove” bacteria, but it aids in preventing bacteria from the disposal entering the dishwasher-drain line. When a dishwasher drain line is properly installed, the likelihood of bacteria remaining and “growing” in the drain line is minimal.

I guess this will just be a “hodgepodge” thread :slight_smile:

I am finishing up the inspecting means of Egress part of the course and so here is a picture of a bedroom window. This window is in compliance as the height off the floor is 33 1/2" and the opening exceeds 20" x 24".

Pictured is an A/C condensing unit. The electrical disconnect is in a good location.

Anthony Mackey performing blower door

Pictured is a service panel with all of the breakers labeled.

Pictured is a turtle I found in my yard.