"The reason we have this damage in block foundation is because... LOLOLOL

…the type of waterproofing system that went in"

total bulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllll total!

This is who R Young and a few others WANT lying to people, one reason being because he doesn’t swear in video?? hahahahahahaaaa, Talking all kinda professional but LYING!!!

This is who SOME here want lying at chapter meetings, sad shtt, very

Jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzus KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKristams you peeps need help n LOTS of it

Hey YounGGGie one in CA land, you go ahead n call this lying prrrriiiiiiiiiiii__ and you tell him what i wrote here and he will NOT do one damn thing, why? Cuz he’s LYING!!! hahahhaaa

Say again, total crap, lying, incompetent negligent crappppppppppppppp

This snatchErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is much like beer cans O Conner from swamp land USA


I will be reporting YOU shortly to the Royal Canadian Mounted Popo

Uh oh… … … I copied & pasted WAFI brain talk sorry.


Is it just me or did He never mention the actual cause of the problem. And You know I never knew the basement floor kept the walls from caving in…I guess you learn something new every day…Somebody should tell all of those people with dirt floors in their crawls that they are is serious danger of their houses caving it…I did think the black wallpaper stripes were a nice touch though…


I thought you had a lifetime of building under your belt, Jim. :wink:


I must have missed that day …


the INT system dude in video is trying hard to bs peeps, he would like more people to believe his crap such as between 3:00 - 3:15 , …Water that builds up on other side, on exterior against wall, is because some OTHER idiot installed the wrong interior drainage system.

Think about that… lol.

He and other INT scammers want as many people as possible to believe that, if everyone would install HIS INT system then no water will build up in soil on outside of the wall and no cracking, movement would occur.

Have you been drinking again bro?

The water IN the soil AGAINST these walls, as gravity does its thing, has already caused the soil to EXXXX—pand lol against the wall, long before water gets DOWN to the footing area where these INT system co’s often drill holes in bottom blocks on the inside.

The holes are drilled because they want to ‘TRY’ and divert-manage the water that gets inside the cores of the blocks through exterior cracks, cracked parging etc, into their goofball INT system.

THIS is why they drill the dumb az holes inside, not because it eases or reduces the exterior lateral pressure against these dang walls. But they’ll ‘spin it’ anyway they can, just like this guy did in video for, SELF gain!

Say again, when its friccccken raining the lol raindrops FIRST get in the soil at-along grade, then it’ll go deeper in soil aka DOWN hence, the soil… the TOP layers of clay, silt (just below grade), exxxxpands, and the more it rains the more saturated the soil becomes well before it gets down the the bottom of the frickkkken wall where these morons drilled holes!!! The soil has already expanding INCREASING lateral pressure against the wall and don’t forget quite a few houses and some underground tree ROOTS that grow along or against basement walls, roots can cause cracks and increase pressure against a wall… of course these morons don’t remove squat OFF OF the exterior of these basement walls and do NOT repair/waterproof any of the existing EXTERIOR cracks in these walls, TOTAL incompetence, negligence imo and total self-serving $$$$$

Wall is bowed in, multiple EXTERIOR cracks in wall.
Someone in the past dug out a corner, see tar, and then backfilled with all same clay soil.
Doing a corner and backfilling w/same soil doesn’t relieve any lateral pressure againt the wall

So back to INT system dude in video, he is trying to bullshtt ya and tell ya that if you hire him or others like him and you install his INT system that his system (holes drilled in bottom blocks etc) will significantly reduce lateral pressure acting upon these walls = total crap as i said.

Water will still build up in the soil, SATURATE the soil and act upon the stupid wall, you’d have to be a clueless sht head to believe these INT system jerks… THINK Dammmittt, lol.

Have posted many videos where an INT system was already installed, and some of those also had wall anchors or C fiber straps or beams installed and the basements still leaked and there was continued wall movement or widening of at least some cracks!

Per his comment on thickness of B floor slab, the main point i’d like to bring up about that is lol,
when the bottom course of blocks have shifted or deteriorated and an INT system jerk j-hammers the perimeter floor/removes, THAT is when there IS an increase risk of that wall bowing in or possibly collapsing.

:40 mark —>> 1:25 Plz SEE aka eyeball closely the bottom blocks

if penls brains INT systems j-hammers floor out when blocks are like this, there’s a good chance/risk of BIGGER problems

Have posted a couple news articles where Everdry and someone else REMOVED - j hammered the perimeter floor and then the basement wall collapsed inward. HAD these nitwits done the right thing for the homeowners and for the wall, exterior waterproofing, then that would not have happened.

Allowing water to continually enter, pass through block walls is a frigggggin mistake man, blocks can deteriorate, disintegrate, and the wall becomes even weaker BEHIND the crap many of these companies place against the inside of basement walls aka concealing the true condition of the wall

Lateral soil pressure and underground roots… and allowing water to penetrate, pass through blocks, saturate blocks repeatedly caused wall to bow in, disintegrate some blocks and yet the INT system dude in video said what he said??? hahahaaaa

LOOK at the photos jezzzus… many other basement or crawl walls just like or very similar to this… some worse and yet INT system guy wants all to believe they just need an int system and some C fiber straps, my azzzzzzzzzzz, total bullshtt

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3.2 Lateral wall pressure

3.2.1 Symptoms
(PER INT system dude claiming step crack etc caused by installation of wrong iny system, NONSNSE!)
… Cracking can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure EXCEED the strength of the concrete or CMU wall… 3 types cracks…
1- STEP cracks
2- horizontal cacks
3- vertical cracks

installing a chump brain interior basement drainage system is NOT going to remove, relieve the weight–pressure of the expanding soil, or sometimes roots, OFF-OF the exterior of these walls!

J Mann PE, we agree on many things, i’m just not with him on his ‘basic repairs’ because lol, these bowed in walls already have multiple exterior cracks!!! sheesh hahaa

See his photos of horizontal crack, STEP crack… and TREE

STEP cracking in block wall CAUSED by excessive lateral earth pressure due to height of backfill and saturated soil conditions and pressure from tree roots likely contributed!!!

So yet again, installing what the INT system dude promotes is bullshtttttttt

Pages 6 and 7, why doesn’t the INT system dude tell homeowners what Fairfax tells homeowners pages 6 and 7… duhhhhh! Would NOT be good 4 business!!!

‘Based on application submissions and project reviews, the MOST SUCCESSFUL repair method for foundation walls damaged from clay backfill is to REMOVE (that means dig outside pinhead) and replace the clay with sandy of gravelly materials… and waterproof the outside of the wall…’

Notice, they didn’t write/say what… the interior system bubblehead says in first video posted, got dat?

Nitwits do not understand the gist of what occurred here and happens all over, all the time to many other unsuspecting homeowners, well over $20,000 poof gone to another lying INT system piece of crap

They installed… lol, YEP, an interior basement system, just like what dude in original video says TA do and, they installed many wall anchors, well duh, SEE what forcing the wall anchor RODS through the wall did? Created more exterior holes in walls for water to enter = idiots!

The INT system and wall anchors did NOT reduce, remove, relieve any exterior pressure–weight OFF-OF the dang wall and OBVIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSLY lol, they did not repair/waterproof any of the existing exterior cracks in the walls that have been there for MANY years, they, the cracks were ALWAYS why the stupid azz basement leaked, and then they widened a bit over time as the walls bowed in a bit more