The roof is fine - I did it myself!

I was told that the garage roof in yesterday’s home was recently covered with metal. Unfortunately the home owner ran out of metal as only half of it was done. It was raining during the Inspection and POURING through the roof.

ah a bucket of tar will fix it, dang your picky lolol

Thats why realtors dont want to refer you “deal killer” (sarchasm)! Thats not just water pournig in, its a natural water fall feature, i read in in a feng shue book…

some call that artwork

Sarchasm-the gap between the person being sarcastic and the person who doesn’t get it. :slight_smile:

Wow, I thought mine was bad. This one is worse.

At least mine was water tight. :wink:

And you were picked to inspect this lovely Mansion!
Don’t you feel special. LOL

Obviously, it was a no sale. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s a duplex. :slight_smile:

That shed might not survive one more Manitoba winter :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d say that’s a little misleading. I guess the one section, could be considered a roof garden. “No worry, the garage roof is eco-friendly! The growing vegetation is great for the environment”.