The state or national exams

i am getting ready to take my exam in the next few weeks, and am wondering how specific the exam is, is it mulitple choice, essay? does it break down into details about each area, are there video feeds and you answer questions about it? I am in PA so if anyone has any tips or anything for me i would appriciate it…


Have you taken any HI courses or passed any online exams?? Have you passed the NACHI exam?? 4 or 5 guys out of 20 in our Home Inspector Pre- Licensing Class passed the state exam. Not easy.


I don’t know what exam your taking but if it’s the NHIE the way the questions are written, not the question it self is what makes it difficult for some.

If you have good reading skills you should do fine.

I’m guessing you know the correct answers, but make sure you READ the QUESTION thoroughly before picking an answer.

I don’t know about a National exam, But the Oregon State exam is a 5 part 250 question exam that is very tough. I am told most people fail the NACHI exam at least once and it is a cake walk compared to Oregon. Definitely practice on the NACHI exam as I am told it is close to the National exam.
Good luck.


Just curious, why are you taking the NHIE? The NHIE is not a state requirement as of yet and it is not a requirement for The Philadelphia Home Inspector’s License. Proof of passing the InterNACHI exam is all you need.

thats great to know, definitly lifted a weight off my shoulders… is their a seperate license for philadelphia then to PA?


Home inspectors are self governed in the entire state of Pennsylvania which includes Philadelphia. There are no pre-licensing or continuing education requirements in Pennsylvania.

So at this point, you simply need to obtain your InterNACHI CE credits only.

Pennsylvania is currently an unlicensed state until either HB 1805 or SB 359 are enacted. And from what everyone is saying, that’s might not happen for a while since both bills are written so poorly.

The City of Philadelphia and Allegany County are the only home inspector licenses issued in the State of Pennsylvania. The City of Philadelphia requires that you be a member of a national home inspection association with members in more than 10 states, provide proof of general liability insurance, provide proof of certification by a national home inspector association. Keep in mind, ASHI and NAHI both require that you take the NHIE in order to become certified. InterNACHI has their own exam and does not rely on a customized version of the NHIE taylor made for that association.

If you have questions about Philadelphia licensing, feel free to cntact me offline and I will help as much as I can.