U.S. tortured/abused everyone at Guantanamo-former detainee.

U.S. military kept human beings in 6’ x 8’ windowless cells for years.

Well of course we should take the the word of a former gitmo prisoner turned into US authorities by Pakistan and interviewed by Russian Television.

He was just a nice boy from the UK…rrrrriiiiight:roll:

Read his wiki here.

Trained with and supported AL Queda.

Yes, when combined with every other inmate, the FBI (who made their findings public in court documents) and the Red Cross.

I am not saying he lying about everything but think it through.

He has everything to gain buy making his stay at gitmo look as bad as possible.

He is not a nice boy.

He is a terrorist. Your advocacy is misplaced.

??? Huh? I don’t even know the guy. My advocacy is for the honor of my country. Torturing people is dishonorable. It disgraces our Vietnam Vets who were tortured. Furthermore, anyone who stands guard wearing my country’s military uniform and does nothing while a human being is being tortured is an imposter and a disgrace to our nation. They should remove the American flag from their uniform first as they are not us.

Well maybe you should read up on people you insist on quoting.

They soldiers who committed the very things you rail against are gone or up on charges.

Begg’s treatment occurred soon after 9/11.

Gitmo is not the place it once was.

My bad. Do you know what happened to them? Were they convicted?

I misstated earlier. The deaths and the charged service men were at the Bagram detention center in Afghanistan not GITMO

The deaths at GITMO number 8

7 apparent suicides
1 heart attack