This guy (HI apparently) says sump is washing out the footing...LOLOL

Mac. county Michigan civil engineers inspecting foundation issue :mrgreen:

R u serious? ](*,)
Notice not only the dumb az vertical crack but also the HORIZONTAL crack down low (top-of first block OFF FLOOR, front wall)…duh ummm, nothing said about this huh, about what likely has CAUSED this crack.

So now SOME think a footing and these cracks are caused by drain tile?
If YOU think THAT then, what about the REST of the drain tile around the rest of the dumb az house? Come on!@#@!! With or without drain tiles,with or without a sump pump, your gonna have water around your STOOPID footings…gravity!

He says, ‘we know that the foundation is being washed out because the homeowner tells us he has to keep cleaning out the sump pit/keeps filling up wifffff sand’. LLLLLoooooooooLLlLolllllll Ok sure, whatever you say!

He goes outside, what ya see outside? :-k
Well, I see a RAISED grade on front, soil is likely clay.
Umm, I see a driveway and a garage on DUH side.
So, no chance any of the cracks,leaks are due to clay soil etc on the outside of duh house huh

But he’s 99.9% sure the problems are due to DUH sump pump.

Not only has Bubba-Milk had to put up with the LIES and scams of the inside system AZ H’s but also, crrrrrrrap like this from others! And some wonder why I biatch? LOLOlooLllllllll

This crack is WIDER at the top than bottom eh…so…
Just because a crack may be wider at the top doesn’t mean the dang house err footing is settling, come on!@!@!
It sometimes means, there is concrete against the top part of the basement wall OR an underground friggin ROOT against the top of basement wall or exterior porch footing etc

Here, crack is WIDER at top…and…so? lolol But too many think/say settling, pfft!

As for that horizontal crack on duh front wall, here’s what it looks like OUTSIDE,something like this…yep.
Yet Mr engineer/whatever said nothing about that!
Clay soil caused that dumb az crack and subsequent leak/water in basement and Bubba is 100% certain of that, not 99.9%…got that? Got milk?

Soldier of Fortune/Deep P. …‘Bubba has often told you stories about the way, inside system chumps are scamming you every day’