This is bullshtt imo, "Ice Castles caused terrifying flooding" pfftt

:35 see the 2 basement windows…? yeah.
Homeowner says, “It was like tiny Niagra Falls coming through the WINDOWS”

Then she says, “We were in shock, we didn’t know what to do”

Really? Water coming in through B windows and you didn’t know what to do? Pfttt
So you called one or more INT DRAINAGE system companies and hired one of them costing your azz around $30,000… because most of the water came in through basement windows? lololll

I watched a different video of their basement already i saw some cracks in their foundation walls, uh huh and some rod holes that apparently leaked, looks like they were patched by the INT company so, from afar with a balding head but a damn good trained eye, what i see is… bullshtt, most or all bullshtt yep.

To me, they already had some cracks in walls and either some rod holes leaking or were about to leak and those B windows already had some openings around 'em on the outside to allow some water in. no not this much lol but point is, several existing defects, openings were already PRESENT before ICE ICE Castles showed up on the scene about 1/4 mile away.

If there was a heavy, longer rain when homeowner got bunch water in through windows and likely some rod holes and maybe through 1 or more F wall cracks then it was the long heavy rain and the existing openings that were the dang problem. Did the B windows BUST, break when it rained a bunch, maybe, dunno.

Homeowners made the usual MISTAKE of calling and then believing and hiring an INT drainage system chump that cost them $30,000… and they want an ‘out’. If most of the water came in through the B windows THEN, that is what needed to be replaced/fixed and that is what this lady homeowner said!!!

You don’t pay $30,000 for a water-diverting system when most or all of the water entering your basement is coming in through, around some basement windows!!!

Man, Mark, some do pay that believing the fast talking sales people. Sad, but true.

Keep up the good work that you do, my friend! :smile:

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At least they didn’t have the water entering through the roof when it rained! Basement windows, close enough to warrant a few pumps :wink:

lol yeah ok Simon lol

This is a good example of quite a few homeowners who do little if any homework aka try n educate them selves before calling the idiots out, apparently they can’t pull themselves away from those video games that are so near n dear to 'em.

The woman in article, video above says, ‘It was like tiny Niag-Falls coming in through the WINDOWS’

Again i say, HELLO!!! I say bullshtt, yep, bullshtt story, play dumb n see what it may get you.

Rule #1 never believe what people tell you. I wish they would just tell me, would make my job (to help them ) so much easier, but no! oh well, what are you going to do!

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i certainly don’t believe what INT system companies say loloolll and don’t believe many sellers, nope.

believe me! I have been selling these for 33 years! I am THE expert! and I’m licensed to sell these to you!

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Marc, Simon seems trustworthy to sell YOU, eh? :rofl: :joy:

First choice have landscaper build a swale diverting water away from the home.

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