This is totally ridiculous

What 9 0+ post today in the main forum.
Have you all went mad. Figure it out cuz this is ridiculous.
Let’s just say he wants to get a bunch of hits. If you flood the algorithm it’s going to kick most of them out. That is a fact. Nick find someone that knows what they’re doing. Because this ain’t going to work.
We are not your breeding ground for hit absolutely!


In order to get “free” and discounted deals from vendors, you have to show post and view counts. The “vendors” only look at the numbers and not the content. It’s crap on our end.

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I don’t know what you mean. We announced that many new things today. This morning we released 50 separate state-specific agreements. Each of those is a separate thing that needs a separate forum title so that it can be found when an inspector does a search for it.

You have a better way? I’m all ears.

I can ask staff to work slower and produce fewer products, services, discounts, documents, approvals, etc, I suppose. Would that help?

One thread linking all helps. Not 100 separate.

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I’m all in… :duck:

No, that won’t work. Someone searching for a West Virginia Home Inspection Agreement isn’t going to find one if we put them all on one page and announce as one library. Although we did that too. Here it is: InterNACHI releases a library of state-specific home inspection agreements

We released 50 separate NEW products today. We released a NEW library today. We released a NEW video today. We announced a NEW auction today. We announced a NEW governmental approval today. And we announced two NEW logo designs today.

All of those are different things that have to be announced.

We’re hyper-productive.

I actually have more new things to announce today, but I haven’t been able to keep up with staff.

Funny! I Clicked on the linked and it gave me all that you posted in all the separate links.

Could have done it in one as I stated… :thinking: But no.

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So why now are you worried about inspectors finding things, documents etc?
It hasn’t been done that way before, over the last 15 plus years.

In my opinion all of that information should be organized and easy to find on the members dashboard.


No, they don’t. And certainly not in the manner chosen here.
You seem to have an ego problem that requires constant reinforcement, and all these micro-announcements you post simple clog and pollute the forum.

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Well, the dashboard would have hundreds, even thousands of sections to it. It would be like saying…“Why have separate websites for everything in the world? Just put all the world’s information on one page.” Housekeeping means every little thing in its place, but findable if searched for.

Hm, try this… Home Depot. Does Home Depot have everything in one pile called “hardware?” Or do they have sections and isles and shelves? And does not each product they have, have its own SKU?

It what manner would we post them such that a forum search on one of them would produce it? I’m all ears.

Because if they can’t find something, they call us (or worse, the call me) on the phone and ask for it.

I don’t know, perhaps, not sure what that has to do with search though.

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Here, it’s only been a few hours since I made the posts. Let’s see how well it works. We’ll use the example I mentioned earlier in this thread, pretend we are an inspector in WV, and search on “West Virginia Home Inspection Agreement.”

You can believe me or not believe me, but I haven’t set this up.

I’m going to predict that the search results in at least two threads. One being the actual agreement I posted, and one being THIS VERY THREAD where I use it as an example.


Here goes…

BAM! It worked.

Understand now?

11 hits that’s remarkable.

If you still don’t believe me, try it yourself. See what results you get when you pretend to be an inspector from WV looking for a “West Virginia Home Inspection Agreement.”

It takes you right to exactly what you are looking for.