This Weather is Unbelieveable

It’s 80º at my place. Unbelievable. Must be global warming.:stuck_out_tongue:

Heat sucks. hu huuuu hu.

I feel like I got robbed this year :frowning: No winter at all.

Really sucks when you crawl attics for a living :frowning:

72 degrees here, 4% humidity, sunny. Another day in paradise.

Only 54 degrees here but yesterday it was around 80. Spring may have sprung.

Can’t believe I was Downtown in 80 degree weather before spring.
Did we even have a winter?

Used the plow just once.

There is defiantly a pattern of warmth since I was born and natural or not have no idea why.

We used to have snow before the end of October but now it is not till Christmas.

We usually have to shovel off roofs here in the Feb and March time. At one time our snow banks were so high that we used to have to pull out to see around them. Not so with this winter and the snow is almost gone.:shock:

I love global warming. Its never been this warm here in Colorado in March…
we’re usually still in winter until May, but this year is gonna be a scorcher
if we keep going like this…

		 									 					Tonight Mar 14 					Thu  15 					Fri  16 					Sat  17 					Sun  18 				 							 		    		 			 			 			 			 			 		
		 									 					[]( 					[]( 					[]( 					[]( 					[]( 									 					 						Clear 						 									 				 						 							Sunny 							 						 				 						 							Sunny 							 						 				 						 							Mostly Sunny 							 						 				 						 							Mostly Sunny / Wind 							 						 				 							 					**--**High  				 						**68°**High  				 						**73°**High  				 						**70°**High  				 						**64°**High  				 				 								 					37°Low  							 					40°Low 					 							 					41°Low 					 							 					41°Low 					 							 					37°Low 					 				 				 								 					Chance of Precip:

0% Chance of Rain:
0% Chance of Rain:
0% Chance of Rain:
0% Chance of Rain:

Tied a record of 82 from 1907 here. I guess in 1907 they had global warming too. Gonna be hot this year.

Probably snow next week…haha.

yeah, we’re waiting for the other shoe to fall :shock:

that’s the forecast :mrgreen:

Today I shut down my wood boiler, and put away my snow blower.
Spring is here. Today it felt like summer.

32 here and snow flakes the size of quarters, slowed down some awhile ago. :slight_smile:

Well, we had a horrible winter. It got down to 20 below for several days…

20 below freezing, that is…12 for the low.

And snow…we must have had 4 or 5 inches…not all at once, though!

And now the overnight **low **is warmer than the average **high–**and it’s supposed to be 75 to 80 for the next week!!! In March???

Winter just never happened this year.

Now if we could just skip summer–that would be even better.

Grand Rapids Mi was 82 today. Still have the original gas that I mixed for snow blower at Thankksgiving.

Guys! But what about the sea level rising .6"?!?

You won’t like global warming then, mark my words.

As usual the heat bypassed Maine, only 39 heare today. :slight_smile:

63 right now Marcel.

I grilled steaks on the deck for lunch…

The birds love us and our feed Red wings Robins Gold finches and more .
My garden Bulbs are exploding and My Seeds are showing very well .
60°F today I will send you some heat soon … Roy

Looks good Roy. Hope it comes this way, I froze all day today at work. :slight_smile: