Tidbits from the ASHI Message Board

Dear Fellow NACHI Members,

I have been remiss in keeping regular with my clandestine visits to the ASHI board and I must apologize for this. We have a few legislative issues going on in Missouri and the change in seasons have brought an increase in business and…to be quite frank…ASHI has one of the most boring message boards, around. Not quite as quiet as TIJ, but very little going on other than congratulating each other for being ASHI members and making fun of the poor newby who asks a stupid question. I understand why they keep it closed to the public. I would too, if I were them.

Anyway, I had some time today and stopped by to see what was going on and I found a few interesting threads.

One of which was started by new NACHI member, Chuck Bellfontaine, who confirms that ASHI (in spite of their condemnations of us) are indeed highly interested and perturbed by our strong internet presence.

Here is what Chuckles had to report to his fellow ASHI members, several months ago…

I know it seems old, but like I said, ASHI’s message board is pretty dead. I’ll post a few more threads later this week when I get some time to waste and go back.

Chuck commented, publically, at a CHicago Chapter meeting early last year, that NACHI was kicking their butt on the internet. This is nothing new.

Their lack of being able to accept reality was one of the reasons that he came over to NACHI.

In fact, many of our member’s web sites, and the Chicago Chapter’s web site kick their web sites in the rankings (on Google, YAHOO and Alexa rankings).

That’s what you get when you get fat and complaciant. :wink:

Chuck was my instructor for my HI licensing class.

He’s never been anything but fair and even-handed in his comments about NACHI. As Will pointed out, he’s a NACHI member also.

I received an email inviting me to attend an ASHI seminar on marketing. Wow! Seems like they have a thing or two to learn about successful marketing …:roll:

I bet Chuckles’s SE results would be far worse if he were to look for a home inspector in specific service areas (as almost every prospective actually searches), as oppossed to statewide searches …

I am proud to say that I also know Chuck. He, and many ASHI guys, are pretty discussed with what is going on over there.

Let’s be straight. I don’t believe ASHI was all Machiavelian in their doings, especially when it comes to licenseing in Illinois. They were approached by the state so that they could help define the law. The Illinois SOP is virtually identical to ASHI’s (and less stringent than NACHI’s). When legislators start to write a law (and since legislators know nothing except how to get re-elected) it’s a good thing to have people who know what they are talking about help in writing the law. And, of course, ASHI would want the law written to help their members (just like NACHI does). Nothing wrong with that, or illegal or immoral or unethical.

But, every time an organization startes to believe their own BS, they start to get passed up by the young and hungry.

ASHI, at least here in Illinois, operates somewhat like a Union. The ‘new guys’ come in, get put in their place, work for a while shleping tools and kissing up to the old ‘experts’. Paying their dues. A large number of ASHI guys around here are former Union guys and that is the only system that they know. Thus the 250 inspection rule and the suppression of new members until they get 250. But, this has also lead to many of these new guys going out and, part time, doing $175.00, 1/2 hour checklist inspections, just to get their number up. This has lead to many inspectors (ASHI included) who have their prices forced low. Some policies, if not though out, will back fire.

ASHI membership is down. Some of the older guys (who were, in large part, semi-retired in any case) just didn’t get their licenses renewed. Some have moved to warmer climates. So, ASHI finds itself with a few experts and a lot of new guys, and the new guys nipping at the leadership’s heals for benefits, ride alongs and being more likely to start they own companies and less likely to bow to the older guys. The old guys are just confused that “the way things have always been” doesn’t apply anymore.

At least that’s the way it is areound here.


Please, I would prefer if you did not refer to him as Chuckles. He is a good giy, a fellow NACHI member and a highly respected and experienced HI who has taught many other good HIs.


Hi Jim,

You know they said they closed up all the security issues on their board, this turn of events will no doubt spark another witch hunt where ASHI members are accused of sharing their login information, oh well.

Anyway, as you are well aware there is no worthwhile information or dialog on the ASHI board in regards to HI licensing legislature and it is doubtful there ever will be and that fact pains me.

The NACHI board is the one and only place where you can freely post your licensing position without fear of censure and that fact alone speaks volumes. I am not saying that we always get it right or that it is pretty or that we ever reach consensus, but you can bet your a$$ it is well read by all even ASHI.

My guess is even if the ASHI board were totally open to anyone, under the current Draconian monitoring that goes on there it would still be a ghost town devoid of participants. It seems that their board is just a symptom of the problems they have in addressing the larger problems that face our profession. I am not saying that we are right, only that we are attempting to work through the issues without hiding our head in the sand or demanding that everyone have to think the same way. Long live the free, open and unmoderated NACHI board.

I’m sorry, I thought that was a cute nickname he had. I guess that is merely Jim’s pet name for him.:blank:

Good points, Joe.

BTW; After 25 years in the computer field, and having been a pioneer in web sites (see www.randmcnally.com, for one), it is not really all that hard to gain access to their board, even the private forums that are not open to regular members. I used to do it regularly, but not recently. Too boring and predictable.

I agree, Charles is a stand up guy and I am happy to call him my friend, he is what is right about ASHI.

And now, he is what is right about NACHI.

Praise the L-rd!

Ain’t it sad that they no longer have the power to hold us back based on the sheer number of home inspection we have performed?!

That must be why that dharris guy spends sooooooooo much time here. Can’t get your fill on the vanilla BB, can you Mr. Harris?

From what I have gathered from conversations with NACHI and other HIs, ASHI does have it problems. My issue is not with ASHI, NAHI, or other Home Inspection organizations in as much to with our guys continually bashing ASHI and the rest on bulletin boards the public can view. I do not personally believe that bashing and berating our “competition” to others is the way to make us look better is not professional not does it give a perception of us as professionals.

When I get shopped for prices, I state what NACHI demands of me as a home inspector and do not compare this to ASHI, NAHI etc. The more we mention ASHI and the others, the more we keep their name in front of the public, which allows our clients to wonder “who are those guys” and why did this inspector mention them. In my opinion, lets keep these guys out of every bodies mind and thoughts and do our best as an organization to keep ourselves professional and the best inspectors around. ASHI may just go away if people do not know who they are. Wishful and naive thinking on my part, but out of sight, out of mind.

In contrast to that statement, we must do our part as an organization to ensure that the NACHI position on home inspectors becomes and/or remains to be the one people count on for the professional, ethical, elite inspectors we are. This can be done by being a professional, ensuring that NACHI goals and objectives are met and achieved, along with countering ASHI and all the the others ideas in any state assemblies when it comes to laws and ordinance.

Very good post. It is just that some cannot meet the requirements of ashi and hold grudges on that part. It is as silly as bringing their board discussions over to here so we can read them. Childish, and unprofessional at best.:roll:

Poor defense, hardly holds water these days, most NACHI members can fulfill their requirements, today there are many inspectors who belong to both associations.

Dennis is right. Stop the childish bad mouthing. Stand up for what you believe in and fight the rest as a adult would and should.

I agree, Larry.

How do you suggest that we bring this to fruition…on both sides?

How about if we at least stop putting this type of post’s in the news paper.


Roy Cooke