tile ridge vent

This was a ridge vent with on a flat concrete tile roof. Does anyone know if they make a different ridge tile for this application or even if this application is approved for use on a tile roof.

150 NW 96 Ave Plantaton(Latthu) 023.jpg

150 NW 96 Ave Plantaton(Latthu) 023.jpg

150 NW 96 Ave Plantaton(Latthu) 021.jpg

150 NW 96 Ave Plantaton(Latthu) 024.jpg

150 NW 96 Ave Plantaton(Latthu) 025.jpg

150 NW 96 Ave Plantaton(Latthu) 022.jpg

I have never seen a tile ridge vent. We have plenty of tile roofs here in California and I have never seen what you have there.
The top of that last course tiles is exposed, any rain will be directed under the tiles eventually leading to a leak when the water leaches all of the oils out of the felt paper.

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This does not look like a flat roof to me…

Google is a wonderful thing.



Marcel - it is not a flat roof. It is a gable roof with flat tiles

Michael - very informative web sites. Thanks. But none of those tiles listed in the sites were installed on this roof. Look closely at the tiles and you will see that they are normal ridge tiles.

You asked

BTW-We don’t do many tile roofs in the Northland.

Good point Marcel, There will be manufacturer’s limitation on low-slope installations,

Ditto what Todd said, the Tiles are on the roof for three reasons, to protect the felt underlayment from the sun and physical damage and to make the house look presentable, the gap is allowing the sun to prematurely deteriorate the felt (or what ever type of membrane is installed) on the decking.

I have never seen a ridge cap on a Concrete Tile roof either, I’ve inspected thousands of them, so I cannot comment on the cap, but the Gap between the last tile and the ridge is a not correct.

I second Dales comment… :slight_smile:

I’ve seen lot’s… not that one. Has merit, but probs too

The state of Arizona has some pretty good, pretty definite tile requirements.
Thanks Dale!

Hi Bill,

I have never seen a tile roof with a ridge vent.

Are those the tiles to use on the rake edge as a finish product ?

Just wondering…can you put a ridge vent on an igloo?:roll::wink:

Of course, it’s called a ventilation hole ;):wink:

Hope this helps,

Vent for Tile and Slate roofs.



Yep…they got it right—:smiley:

All these tile roof vents are fine, but that is not what the OP has on his roof.

Installation problem.

Linda - normally yes.

O’Hagin’s, Inc. has an off-ridge vent which is the same shape as the roof tile and has a Miami-Dade NOA 09-0316.04.
Visit www.ohaginvent.com for more info.