Tips for passing the national home inspectors exam

(Danny McLaughlin, LHI# 11103) #1

Does anyone have any advice for passing the exam?? I’ve completed this course, studied all the material and taken numerous practice tests yet have failed the test twice. I actually did worse the second time and I feel like the test is much different than the material here and the practice tests I’ve taken…any tips would be greatly appreciated. Is there other information out there more like the test?? Study guides?? Other practice test??

(Marcel R. Cyr, CMI) #2

Best Home Inspector Study Guide & Practice Test - Prepare for the Home Inspector Test

(Danny McLaughlin, LHI# 11103) #3

awesome thank you very much!!

(Ruben Vasquez) #4

Hey Danny did that mometrix help you out?

(Rich lord) #5

Danny, I’m in the same boat almost exactly did you end up passing the nhie exam and if so what material was most helpful? I know this is an old thread but any advice would be helpful. Thanks.