Tool Pouch v. Vest

Recommendation request – When conducting inspections, I currently use a belt tool pouch. It gets in the way frequently in tight spots. I was considering moving to a tool vest. Any feedback on moving to a vest v. pouch? Any recommendations on a specific tool vest or vests to wear when inspecting? Thanks! Don

Black M-51 Engineer’s Bag. I added a Molle water bottle carrier to the narrow side of it, and rigged a camera bag across the front of it. I sling it over my head across the body, and it sits at the small of my back most of the time. I sling my iPad across the other shoulder, so it sits at my left hand. If I have to go up a roof access ladder, the M-51 come off easy and quick, and I just bring my iPad.

Once I get to a site, I stack my main tool bag, my telescopic ladder, my cordless drill and case, my ratchet set, my mold test kit, and my Ziplevel near the main entrance or right inside the door. For long duration commercial work, I’ll wheel that all in on a folding hand cart. But for general walking around, it’s the M-51 and the iPad.


Don, I went with a Stanley Fat Max vest 4 years ago for the same reason. September through May I love it. June through August It’s pretty warm. Good luck with your decision.

Mike thank you for the reply. My business partner just purchased one to give it a trial run.

Don’t actually wear a vest. I prefer a tool pouch. In fact I never new there were 10 vests to compare!