Total number of InterNACHI members in Canada topped 600 today!

THAT would be great!

We all recognize that humans are only successful as inspectors if they have the desire, drive, enthusiasm, the will and the backing of the community to raise the bar for home and property inspections and those who inspect.
I have renewed my membership in this great organization and will do so for the many years to come. With all 600 being government certified/licenced there is strength in numbers.

I received my accreditation through ASTTBC, no easy task. They helped tremendously.


BCL # 47827

ASTTBC is a fine organization, but does not have any clout outside of BC. For inspectors across Canada, the certification of choice should be the National Certification Program.

(By the way, stay tuned for some good news related to fee changes.)

Good news!

I just joined up last week, was I #600. Awesome :smiley: