Training Posts are Tiring!

Anyone get tired of seeing page after page of posts to training threads? Good golly what a mess it is. ](*,)

For sure!

Thing that is concerning is some of the things they write and I don’t know if anyone corrects them.

They’ve ruined the forum.

Know…not no.

Just adding a correction. :slight_smile:

With a hint of smartazz. lol

I pulled up the forum yesterday and had 181 “new” posts / threads. I have started pulling up the first “Student Discussion” and first “Inspection Education and Training” posts. When those come up, go to “Tools” and click Forum Read. I do the same thing with the other group.

When those two forums were marked as “read”, I had 39 out of 181 posts left. Much easier that way.

Oh nice smartazz font! :lol:

Great tip!

Not this subject …again…again and again.
Just get use to it…
Record numbers of new members here recently…
I look forward to meeting them…Yep!

Got it fixed Gregory. 1st mistake this year.

Where are these posts? Where are you seeing them? My understanding is that they are all in one place somewhere.

Click “new posts” at the top of this page.


Yes I know. And when I do I see about 30 new training posts every 30 minutes.

Henry Ford said, “get used to Black”.

I click on Student and then click mark them all read under the tools sub menu

I click on Education and then click on mark all read under the tools sub menu

There is a setting in the admin panel that can be marked to exclude those forums from search results. New posts is a search script.

That’s what my staff must have done for me because I never see them.

I looked but cannot find this option.

The top five "new post’ in the last 10 minutes or so.


If you filtered the forums:

  • Student Discussions
  • Inspection Education & Training

from the “New Posts” results, it would go a long way toward restoring usability to the forum for topical discussions and might help stem the exodus to Facebook.