Training Wall Electrical

This almost looks like a training wall, butI assure you it is not. This is for your enjoyment, this was the tip of the ice berg, crawl space and attic were not entered due to the dangerous conditions that existed.:smiley: WOW


Troy, just curious, what was on the other side?

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Interior Bedroom

Did they a have a smoke alarm? :slight_smile: :twisted:

Nice Photoshop job. :mrgreen:

Chris I don’t think they really knew what a smoke detector was.

Speedy I wish I could photo shop something like that, I could have never dreamed that up.

What no beer cans, cig buts, and dead critters?


Looks like a new “event” on American Gladiators. :mrgreen:

I agree is is not “neat and tidy” but with the exception of a strapping violation or two, I am not sure I see anything illegal. It is better than wrapping all the cables together in a neat bundle. “Neat” and “Heat” go together.

Would you agree that it was not done “in a workman-like manner”?

Are you serious??? you need to blow this picture up and look closely:shock:

If they had just put up a few pieces of sheetrock…

You are right, it is pretty nasty if you blow up the picture.

Yes, it needs more red, I’d say, to bring out the shading in the background. But the ambient aura is there, very tech-nouveau, if i may :cool::smiley:

thanks for the entertainment troy:shock: