Trex Decking

Around here, it seems like Trex decking (mine included) is failing miserably.
I contacted Trex today and there is a Class Action Settlement for decking manufactured in Fernley, Nv between 2002 and 2007. One requirement is the claimant must be the original buyer and still own the property.

How does it hold up in your territory?

I tried to upload a pic, but it appears I am missing a security token.

What the hell is a security token have to do with posting a picture here.
Send it to me and I will post it for you.
Trex deck is sold everywhere here and haven’t heard of problems, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any.


Yep. We had a problem with the early version of Trex up here in the Pacific NW. The best way to describe it is like concrete spalling. The top surface would just sort of delaminate and crumble.

Marcel, I sent you pics, I still can’t upload.

That’s exactly what it is like, spalling concrete, or worse. My installation has full southern exposure. Those observed on the north side seem to be especially prone to freeze / thaw damage.

Have you tried reducing the size of your photos? There are size limits for various items.

I didn’t get his photos Larry.
I sent him an email on how to drag the pictures on to the email so I could post them for him.

Ok, re-sized pic…

Marcel, I emailed pics, but guess they were too big to send. Small camera, big picture.

Yep. Early generation Trex that had issues. Recommend replacement.

There are issues with composite decking in general…

Good article. I’m going to start advising clients the pitfalls of composite decking.

As for the picture, that is my own deck. I’ve contacted Trex and received their claim packet. The deck is 10 years old and the receipt for the material has been purged, hence, disallowing any claim for reimbursement.

I am in the process of resurfacing the decking with Behr Deck Over. We’ll see how that works out. A re-decking with redwood vision appears in my crystal ball.

Do not do deck over!!! Read the reviews first

Oh man, now you tell me.

Deck over crap.

Well, we’ll do a little analysis. Stay tuned to this thread.

We have a major annual party in two weeks so I had to do something to make the crappy Trex look better.

How long do you think this decking will last?

That type of install is in no way in any installation manuals I’ve seen.

Tongue and groove isn’t for everyone.