Trying to play, water diverting games... okay let's do it

see what Fix it dude does… huh?

why don’t you try digging several trenches farther away from the stupid house, like start a trench at the :28 mark of video, start THERE lol, dig 'em deeper and horizontally… why? To catch some of the stupid water further away! That should mean LESS water where he dug near the stupid corner.

Yeah man, dig several horizontal trenches, deeper, waaay back there, AWAY from the house, then dig along the house, not just corner. :40 mark, seal the damn gap, crevice too, seal the bottom of the lousy azz wood!

And you could LOWER the dumb azz grade so that some water doesn’t sit-against the bottom of the stupid azz wood.

And his lil BS trench… could dig that deeper and further away as well.

3:55 ish he says, ‘humidity is like 120% at 8:30 am… pffft, hey tough guy, try hand digging 6–8’ trenches beginning at 7:30 am and having them dug out by 9:30-10 am… in same shtty weather, pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttt!!

some morons would tell this guy (tell homeowners), to pour concrete along the house/corner etc (see other videos I posted where they DID THAT! still leaked azz ho’s)

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Ya need trenches on all corners and in the middle of the wall. Don’ those guys know anything, Mark? LOL! :rofl:

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You would think he could have used the right type of fitting for that pipe connection in lieu of duct tape.
I don’t have water in my basement but did mine a month ago. Pipe to a drainage swale from last year that I installed to take care of all water coming down from my neighbor.

I have to agree with Marcel. I am also not a big fan of using a corrugated pipe. It tends to hold any debris that could come from the gutters or filters in.

I agree Joseph. they do tend to get clogged. I may take a while but Marcel has it down. :smiley:

That down spout connection actually spits out leaves or debris that can come down so it won’t clog the pipe.
That swale is 12" deep with stone and a pipe in the middle.
Solved all my Spring water flooding of my lawn.

You old guys are pretty smart !


is that your nephew in pic doing the work for a 12 pack and a bag?

No Mark, Contractor Employee. :smiley:

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I did dig the side trenches by hand though, from the downspouts to the stone trench.
It only took me 2 days. LOL

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but you could have opted for an INT drainage system lol

Yup, they probably would have tried to convince me that’s what I needed huh! And I don’t have a drop of water in my basement and no sump pump.
I did this for preventive measures. I am on a clay site, and I do have perimeter clay tile drains that have been working since '66. Knock on wood. :grinning:

how you feeling Mr C? You okay?

Hey Jim, long time no hear. I hope you’re still living’ the dream! :smile:

Just fine Mark, how about yourself? Still living the ground hog life, digging dirt? LOL

All good here Larry… Had a smaller house built last Year and downsized which will eventually create more free time. Of course finishing the basement this year to make the smaller house bigger is taking up much of that free time. Trying to decide if this is the Year to retire…all good problems to have …Hope all is good with Your Klan Partner…

smaller house built last Year and downsized

Of course finishing the basement this year to make the smaller house bigger

Something wrong with this mental picture. LOL

Ya, we bought a smaller new ranch and the boss wanted the basement finished. So, it is finished.

In the mean time I got cancer, then got rid of it thank God. But then I got shingles from the exterior beam radiation nicking my F5 (I think) nerve, so I was numb from my knee to toes and prickly. It has worked its healing down to my ankle to my toes and still getting better. But the big one was my 34 year old Daughter died of diabetic ketosis. I’m having a hard time with that still. Our son-in-law and 3 grandkids are another story for an old guy to deal with. but we love them and will do what it takes to see them through.

Other than that, all’s real good. :laughing: :smile: :wink:

Larry, I am deeply sorry about the loss of your daughter.Keep the faith. My prayers are with you. I enjoy your posts and all your inspiration.

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