Universal property insurance binding guidelines

Some here may have already seen this but, I thought for those have not, would be nice to have handy inside your pads or notebooks…


Properties over 100 years are written for contents only:p

Thanks Bert that is nice to have. Is this info available from other insurance companies?

I noticed this on page 2

Does this mean a 100% hip roof system gets extra credit or it has to be 100% to get any credit?

Hip Roof Credit – For properties 2002 or newer, applicants may submit color photos of all building sides (minimum 4
photos) confirming 100% hip roof system. **Roof must meet the OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) Uniform Mitigation
Verification Inspection Form hip roof definition **to obtain applicable credit.

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It means whoever wrote that document is related to whoever wrote the 1802! :roll: 90% =100%.

Nice deal AmeriPro swung to get all the sinkhole inspections!

I’m not sure about the other carriers as I just happened to be searching for something else and happened upon the document. Since its from this year I figured it’d be nice to keep close by.


Thanks Bert!

Very welcome Sam.