Universal Tape?

Anyone ever use/see this kind of tape. The guy used in as a flashing on the roof, as a covering for windows, and to patch holes in the viny siding and to cover the aluminum trim work. What is it recommended for? any ideas?

Non orthodox repair.
Could be regular flash tape not made for roof material.


Looks like cr-p.

Repairs should be made with the proper material (shingles, fascia wrap, etc).
Guess this homeowner considered himself “handy”.

As a side note - can’t believe he didn’t just use duct tape (the TRUE universal tape - except for ducts, of course). :wink: :mrgreen:

What is that stuff? Looks like it’s applied with some kind of adhesive.

You do not think it is that Du pont product in my link Kenton?

It had a plastic feel to it, I think it would be alright for patching small cracks or holes on vinyl siding, but the windows and fascia, I am not so sure about.

If you were on a different inspection and saw small cracks or holes on vinyl siding, would you recommend this product?

Might be this tape. http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=7679&BASE Do they have a boat!

Looks like a variation of Peel-n-Stick tape or secondary water barrier tape. This is not what it was intended for. Still looks better and more functional than 2 gallons of caulk stuffed into a hole or void.

Yep Peel-n-stick type flashing with bituminous membrane on the back side. Great around windows, but it’s supposed to be behind the siding, not exposed.

Here’s one brand I see used and abused a lot: http://www.fortifiber.com/flashing.html

Speaking of tape, I actually witnessed an HVAC guy using duct tape on…a duct…just the other day. Couldn’t believe it myself. Wish I had taken a picture. I was kidding him about it, and he had run out of the shiny stuff so grabbed a roll of duck tape.