Unknown Type Heating/Stove

Haven’t been to this residence to inspect just yet but the buyer sent me this picture. He states the stoves are the source of heat for an older two family home. I think I may have had this type as a child in our house but haven’t seen one since. Buyer states this is the only source of heat for the residence (each unit has one; 2 units total, only 1 pictured). My understanding is they actually do a good job for small square footage and were installed in an era and area where little or no insulate was present or single pane windows. Any and all intel on how to inspect and what to look for is helpful thanks!

It looks like a gas stove with a exhaust vent.

Check to see if it works e.g. all burners, oven, maybe radiant furnace section, etc.


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Looks like an older Caloric (or maybe Tappan) gas range/heater combo. Likely gas heater, but you need to check.

Not really seeing how this would add heat to anything looks like an oven not a heater?

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I see an oven door, a broiler drawer and a storage cabinet to the left.
From the picture, I can’t see it a being the heat source for the home.


I think that is the heater area.


Thanks Dom. Great find.

Just when you think you have seen it all.

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Thanks for the support. First time using the forum, I honestly didn’t think I’d get a reply :+1:. I’ll post some pictures after the inspection and let you know what I found.

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Who knew. I’ve seen them with a storage area but never a heater.

Some old stoves had a “trash burner” section for burning wood and trash. Can’t tell from the picture if that’s the case.

Very interesting…I wonder if they still make parts for it?..

Nick @gromicko rebuilt vintage stoves not long ago, but not sure what Brand he focused on.
He may know general availability and/or a source if anyone is actually looking for parts.

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Looks like a pretty good business. This guy in GA has no problem asking top dollar.