update on home inspector licensing

I am not at all concerned with you opinion Doug so go talk to someone who cares. I know what I know and I know the qualifications I have and do not care what any of my stalkers think about it.

I am not stalking you. You don’t make a pimple on anyone azz. You are the one coming in here every day asking a thousand questions about licensing and wishing and hoping you can just run amok without having to prove you know anything. I could care less what you do in your neck of the woods…have a ball. Unlike contracting, if you screw up in home inspecting, someone will just sue the hell out of you and you won’t be able to close up shop today and start up again next week under a different name. Based on what you have told about yourself in here I figure it won’t take you long before you will getting one of those phone calls…“Mr Meeker, you did an inspection for me a couple months ago…and you missed a whole bunch of stuff. What you going to do about it?” Rock on Sluggo. Good luck to ya.

Will see Mr. CMI you are a lot like a gnat on a dogs wiener. Just annoying and full of yourself. So have a ball where you are and good luck trying to show how smart you think you are.

I know little about dog weener gnats, must be your strong suit, you seem to be more learned in this area. Not too full of myself, but I know a wannabe when I see one At least I know what a tpr is and what caused the corrosion without having to asked some puke home inspector. You gonna do well…

Well you are right about one thing I had no Idea about what was causing the corrosion that is why I asked. I am never afraid to admit when I need help and I needed no help with the pressure relief valve I am well aware that is screwed up.

ya think

zzzzzzzzzzzzz corrosion stuff !!!

I appreciate your trying to help me understand. Please let me explain myself, so you can understand where I’m coming from.

From what I read from your post, it was you saying something condescending towards contractors who are inspectors. When you say something like, “If a contractor is as good as you claim you would not need to do inspections” and that contractors “dupe the public into thinking they perform the same service”. I’m sorry, but I see that as a dig towards anyone who has a contractor license who wants to work as a inspector. I started out years ago as a inspector and then I became a contractor. The past couple of years has brought me back into inspecting due to the economy and lack of construction going on.

I’m with you 100% that a contractor should NEVER bid to work on a job they inspected. Personally I think anyone who does has a screw loose if they don’t see the liability that can bring them down the road.

Also you write, “you guys come here…”, from what I read there are only a couple of contractors that post on this site that fit what you are saying. Most of the contractors I see on here respect home inspectors and what they can learn from them. Personally I’ve learned a lot coming here over the past couple of years. Believe it or not the inspection process has changed from when I did it over 25 years ago and this site and the HI’s posting on it have helped me ease back into the inspection business, which is appreciated.

So, when you can say that I “continue to misunderstand the issue”, I don’t think your getting my point. I clearly understand the issue of contractors bidding on work they inspected. What I don’t understand is how you think its okay to write what you did about contractors and expect no backlash, especially when you don’t know anything about the individual or their background.

on another subject, did you see this?
Thurs / 4-29



What does that mean?

It means after 5 years we are happy about the new mold law coming.


This is not intended to offend anyone but the sorry a-s government officials who decide we need all these licenses please do not be offended unless you are one of them:

Oh yeah. Now we can give the State more money and get another pretty license to hang up on our walls. What would we do without this wonderful government? Hey how much longer until we need to get a license to take a crap? I am not sure if I am doing it right and think I may need some continuing education on the subject.:roll:

Mr. Meeker. FINALLY, Something we agree on.:slight_smile:

It had to happen sometime.

Now I am curious about one thing. Please do not respond telling me weather I should or should not do this. I am only wondering if there is anything in the new Laws that can stop me.

As a licenced General Contractor will I be able to give my opinion on a home for a fee?

Will I be able to do a VERBAL Inspection? "the same stuff I would do with a regular home inspection only no report or photos. Just me and the client walking through the house inspecting things and talking about them.

I would not call it a Home Inspection but I may call it a Home Inspection Alternative. Or maybe a Home Quality Consultation.

I am only interested if I will be able to do these types of things or not. I do not wish to debate weather it is right or wrong with anyone and I do not wish to start a argument about it. I am only interested in weather the new law will stop me from doing these things. :mrgreen:

That’s a good question. I do not know that answer at this time. As the law is currently written, it says that you must comply with home inspector licensing laws if you inspect ALL systems that they note in the law. Inspecting less than all - I don’t think that is qualified as a “home inspection”. Also, I don’t think the law clearly spells out a written report, so- simply inspecting or “consulting” may still qualify as a home inspection and subject to licensing. I expect that these issued will be clarified in the “rule making process” by DBPR.

That is going to be interesting. I am hoping that they will not be able to stop me from giving people my opinion as a General Contractor for a fee. The way all of this is going down sure seems like it is going to be a pain in the a s s. I do not think I will be grandfathered in because I will likely not have 120 inspections. I hate the thought of having to give the State more money and the insurance companies more money . if I can do the consultation thing I may just do that. Heck I can show the clients all of my InterNACHI training and let them decide if they want my opinion or not and the State can screw off. What is going to be really interesting is hearing all the bit-hing around here when it all goes down and everyone has to jump through all the hoops the State will be holding up for them.

Email the DBPR your questions concerning rules, they seem to respond. We have had a good relationship with them for several months now. :slight_smile:
page 18 to 20 is a beginning.

it will not matter…written or verbal, it is still a visual inspection.
All it will do is get jack asses like you busted for inspecting with no license and it will but your GC license in danger as well !