USAA Re-Inspection program (Wind Mit)

Had a few calls from clients in the last few days who have USAA. They are receiving letters in the mail which require them to allow DMI to conduct a re-inspection on the property for wind mitigation. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Hopefully she will be sending me some more information as it comes to her.

The insurance companies can pay whatever fools they want to re-inspect.
It is their right.

That didn’t take long!

I can’t wait for the results! :wink:

The results will bee cannot see roof to wall due to insulation :slight_smile:

Most of the time I bet.

USAA paid them to do our retail inspection quite a while ago - Didn’t cost us a dime and we got discounts!

so they are re-inspecting themself’s:D
thats priceless

Yep been happening from the start.

The guys that run DMI are much better than me at getting and keeping work.
Although they do make their money off the backs of hard working inspectors and I somehow doubt the split is as fair as I once offered. Just saying…

Kevin, I got a call about a month ago from a client that said exactly the same thing (USAA policyholder). I just did a WM for him this summer. He was very combative because he claimed that DMI said that his WM was completed on the OLD form and he needed a new WM to keep his credits. I replied with “not possible” and told him that this is some sort of a scam. I also told him to check into this and file a complaint with the DPBR. I did not here back from him, so I don’t know how deep this goes. Thanks for bringing this up.

Good to know Brad, I will update here if I hear anything back from her.

Here is what happened to me when I tried to submit a wind mit to USAA. (short version)

Me: Hi, I need to get an email address to submit a wind mitigation report.
USAA rep: Sorry sir, we only accept reports from DMI.
Me: Well, my client has paid me to do the report, can I get an email address?
USAA rep: Sir we only accept reports from DMI!
Me: Whether you accept it or not, my client has asked me to send it to you, and as he has already paid me for it, so I need an email address.
USAA rep: I’m afraid I can’t give that to you.
Me: No problem.
So I then called the customer, and told them what had happened.
Ten minutes later I got a call from USAA with the needed email address, and an apology for the misunderstanding.
Funny what happens when your client is a Judge!

F.S. 627.711 is the statute that governs wind mitigation inspections. That statute enumerates the licensees that are authorized to conduct wind mitigation inspections. If you are one of the licensees enumerated in the statute, the insurer must accept the wind mitigation inspection report. If they want to challenge the results of your inspection, they are free to do so with their “preferred provider” at their expense- but they must accept your inspection report.

Your scenario above appears to be just another blatant attempt by one of the “preferred providers” to steal market share from the retail inspector. You should have asked the agent how much of a kickback he would be receiving from DMI now that DMI bought a declaratory statement giving them legal cover to provide kickbacks to insurance agents for insurance related inspections.

Next time just send it to the client. I never send it to the agents unless the clients request it. Many send the reports to many different companies.

Most likely a new person on the phone that day. I think the turnover rate at a lot of insurance companies is high and tough to educate new people all the time.

Yeah for USAA you just let the client send it in. Judge or not. We do them all the time but have had a similar response but as in your case they will accept them

We fax them you also need the USAA member number on every page.

USAA Policy Service Fax number 888-900-5381

Fax? What about the pictures? People fax our reports and the call goes like this…“Your inspector needs to supply color photographs not black and white. Or you should call our inspector that knows what is needed”

Who doesn’t take color photographs???:shock:

Preston, we are in the 21st century now!
There are such things as color fax machines! :smiley: :smiley:
My trusty Lexmark all in one prints faxes in color.

Preston, I believe it is an Efax… in other words it gets faxed to a computer. This is the only way we have ever sent them to USAA

We don’t even own a fax. We eFax everything and have been for 5 years but that doesn’t mean it is received the way it is sent.

just sent an eFax to myself and the pictures came black and white…not sure if its a setting. All I know is we don’t fax but others have faxed our reports and it never works out