VA earthquake

Just felt a few good movements here, got online and see it was due to a 5.8 in VA.


As yet the fault-line has been unnamed…

The best guess in DC is it’ll be George Bush’s Fault.



Screw the earthquake, you got much bigger problems, Irene is on her way! My guess it will hit as a Cat 4 or weak 5. Then again, once you reach Cat 4 it really doesnt matter much. Yer fooked either way.


He’s got his hurricane generator machine cranking up again too.


I like the counting part Jim Bush was doing…


Do any ‘people of color’ live on the east coast? They better take heed! I’m sure it’s coming straight for 'em!

felt it up here

Report: Earthquake Believed To Be Result of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Rolling Over In Their Graves.

that could be it…

It was felt up here in Gatineau, Quebec; blind started moving left and right in office window while working…my first thought, some senior having a brain fart!

From a reliable source, the 911 system in mecklenburg county went into overload today causing loss of service due to hundreds of people calling in to tell 911 that an earthquake occurred. Not a single one of them needed any help.

Maybe Congressman Boerner will take heed…its time to help America.
Not have a vendetta against the President.

Can you cite any links suggesting mecklenburg county’s 911 system was overloaded? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“dnasser, post:16, topic:62033”]

Maybe Congressman Boerner will take heed…its time to help America./quote]

Huh? #-o

[quote=“jfunderburk, post:18, topic:62033”]

Here’s the correct spelling…House Speaker Boehner. He voted to
increase the debt ceiling 6 times for Pres. Bush and did not seem
to worry about debt as he supported Pres. Bush. As soon as Obama
became President he became an Accountant. His vendetta is back firing.
If the republicans dont watch out…after Pres. Obama next 4 years
were going to get another Democratic President…

The president has a vendetta against America.