Vacation- Finally...:)

Hey Guys,

Heading out to Florida ( the sunshine state-" It better be" ) for 7 days with my wife and son to hunt for a Mouse. Then we may go looking for Jaws and then....our mission will be complete.

See you all in a week......and remember...Amperage Kills......:)


Have fun and enjoy the “Mouse” my friend!!!

lol…Ahhh…mario…i saw that MOUSE over 6 months ago fella…:slight_smile:

Actually was a great week but I needed a vacation from vacation.

So do jealous wives ,Both very dangerous when hot

Have fun leave the Lap top computer at home Yaaa ( No way )</IMG>.

Roy Cooke

lol…guys…thanks but that was 6 months ago…thehehe


If you want to see some of the real Florida — come south of the mouse for about 1 hr to Frostproof – we will show you the area – good place to retire


863 635 5741

lol…GUYS…that was LAST year…lol…I have already done the Florida thing…lol


I have not seen the Mouse since 1984 I really wanted to attend “Inspection Universe” but I’m unable to leave [work].


So does your Golf swing…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

When you slice the ball into someone’s melon…:stuck_out_tongue:

Better you than me. You can’t drag me kicking and screaming to O town. You should have good weather tho. I think winter was over last week … but you are going to be up north.

I don’t slice Dale…I am a PIN seeker…:slight_smile:

Hey I hope your class here is postponed…I will be in Tokyo Japan during the scheduled class…but if it is changed, I would love to make it to the class and the Greens…:smiley:

我會願意親自遇見您山谷。如果事件是cancelled 機會是我從未會做它對亞利桑那但唯一日久見人心。

Will the universe collapse if you stop working? Not willing to find out, now get back to work!!!