Vent Blocks in Garage.

I would like your opinions on weather a vent block in a garage is an unprotected opening or not.

They are usually within 1’ of the floor and there is normally only 1 or 2.

If you guys don’t know what I am talking about just let me know and I will post a pict.

Thanks in advance for you opinions.

I have not came across them on on a house that has otherwise been completely protected. I would think as the form is written it would be an un-protected opening.

Too small for an unprotected opening

Where did you get the information as what is to small? I would like to review it because I have never seen any info like that.

I still call gable vents unprotected and many have a smaller combined opening than the vents I see.

What about window a/c units mounted in walls? I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on those as well.
Most of the garage vents have 2 almost 5X5 inch holes

I agree with Bill Too Small…

Hey Mike,

I asked Bill York if gable end vents should be considered an opening that needs protection. His response was yes and no. In HVHZ they need protection, in other areas they do not, so you are correctly identifying the gables in your neck of the woods. I am going to start a thread “Wind Mit Scenario” on this issue – look for responses there

Are these vents to allow gasses to escape?

Or are the there for pressure equalization?

I assume they are for exhaust or something. I am not sure. With the gable vents the water intrusion can definitely be a issue. I do not think the water would be much of a issue on the floor.

I see these all the time in Miami. Seeing as they are so low to the ground I let them go. I agree on the Gable Vent and call them out of protection all the time

i dont count those, nor do i count crawl spaces, dryer vents, ect… I have heard much conflicting info regarding gable vents, I use my discretion depending on size. Also, I have had no insurace carrier say vents count as openings definitively. If anyone can provide an official rule in writing on these items, I would love to see it.

I agree that they are are unprotected openings. By the training with MSFH and other guidelines, they do not need protection. Generally, if you think about it, there are usually two vents or one plus soffit venting. This will provide an escape of the wind pressure and should be fine.

The block venting has never been discussed and should not be discussed. 1 foot opening on the floor with screening? Not an issue. Have you ever seen a coconut or roof tile fly at 6 inches off of the ground?

They were an anomally of the 2001 building code to allow carbon monoxide gas too escape. The requirement was added because of lobby from the Dade and Broward County building officials as an amendment to the 2001 code which by state law was to adopted based on the Iternational Building Code. The legislature closed the loop hole by now requiring that any change to the International code had to be proven that because of our geographical location that the chage is required. Hence it went away with FBC 2004 because geography had nothing to do with ventig carbon monoxide.

Because of the requirement the building designer had to account for these openings in the structural design and therfore opening protection is not required