Veteran's Day Coming Soon!!!

A special congratulations and thanks to all of our NACHI members who have served their country in the Armed Forces.

So far, our most highly decorated veteran seems to be John Bowman who claims to be a recipient of the Navy Distinguished Service Medal , the Silver Star, and one Purple Heart.

Can anyone beat that?

NACHI’s highest ranking/highest decorated military veteran, whoever he/she is, needs to be known, validated and recognized. Does anyone disagree?

I got the DD-214/N, and I’ve cherished every since.


Sounds like John has a hell of a military career, or was on one hell of a mission:

Has this been validated? No disrespect intended.
Good point. :wink:

This should apply to everyone, no matter who they are or what committee they serve on that claim they did something special during a conflict, a war or anytime during thier military service. The best way to verify their achievements is having them provide a copy of their DD214 with personal information such as SS# and Birthdate marked out and provide this to a person so designated and who would act responsibly in ensuring that documents would be sent back to thier rightful owners. If they can’t produce the DD214 or don’t want to after their claim of greatness, then deal with them accordingly.

What no FBI background check to go with that?:shock::shock:

I’m not sure I understand what this is all about, the day is for all veterans, not just the one with the most metals. Some got more metals, some served in more dangerous situations, some died and never got a chance to become members of NACHI. All are veterans who deserve to be thanked for their sacrafices, big and small. Anyone who is lying about being a veteran will eventually get theirs.

Happy 232 birthday to all Marines out there and my appreciation to all that have served in all branches.

This has been going on for well over a year now between some individuals from MO, NH and NY and actually I don’t want to go into any further details, but maybe a FBI background would solve this conflict once and for all…

This Thread started out as a complement to Vets. Now it is turning into an Insult. I vote the thread be removed.

Incorrect, it started as an insult.

The thread was disguised too be a compliment when it really was an insult to John Bowman. Very childish behavior for a grown man.

When i re read it your right I Vote to have this thread removed. Anyone else agree.

Yeah, I figured something was going on with the typical insult to John of “claims to …” Personally, I think the accuser should bear the burden of proof, not the accussee. I would feel quite annoyed by having to prove what medals and awards I received, of which there were several.

The following link lists ALL individuals that have been awarded the Silver Star:

I am sorry to report that Mr Bowman is not on the list.

IF EVERYONE WOULD JUST IGNORE JAMES BUSHART I think the whole Nachi board would be better off.
I served during the what they call the forgotten war and beleive me there was a lot of servicemen & women that gave there all for freedom just like John and many others. My hats off to all and I say thank you to ALL and god Bless.

I am not on the list under the Navy and Marine Corps medal. Therefore, I can conclude that the wikipedia lists are incomplete at best.

Read the disclaimer on the worthless wikipedia page:

Exactly! :wink:

John O, the Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, and the POW Medal categories are not complete. One of the most respected Marines (I didn’t know I actually respected Marines :):slight_smile: I ever served with was Major Joe Small who was shot down during Desert Storm and held POW and his POW uniform as well as some other items of his are on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL; is not listed on their lists either.

In order to preserve honor:

Let all things be proven. Verification is a good thing.

Give honor to whom honor is due. No disrespect intended. My father was
military lifer and was buried with a U.S, flag on his coffin. He served in
Europe during World War II and served his country until his retirement
over 30 years later.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for all our men and women in uniform.